1000kn Hydraulic Servo Steel Strand Special Universal Testing Machine

Maximum test force: 1000 KN
Resolution: maximum load 1 / 300000
Maximum tensile test space: 1100 mm
Piston stroke: 150 mm


1000kn Hydraulic Servo Steel Strand Special Universal Testing Machine is used for the mechanical property test of prestressed steel strand. The special jaw of steel strand can ensure the fracture in the middle of the sample, so as to measure the true effective value of steel strand. The tensile strength, specified non proportional elongation strength, elastic modulus, elongation and other mechanical properties of steel strand can be measured.

Technical Features

- Four-column structure, stable and reliable performance.

- Closed-loop control of load, constant rate deformation, constant rate displacement, and constant rate strain.

- Hydraulic loading, computer control, easy and convenient to operate.

- The built-in controller is adopted to ensure the control of isokinetic displacement

- The combination of all-digital measuring and controlling device, differential pressure servo technology and computer technology realizes the closed-loop control of tensile, deformation and displacement

- The experimental results can be obtained in automatic and manual, form report form automatically, the data analysis process is simple

- The test process and results are displayed in real time

- The test data and test curves can be stored or reproduced, and the test report can be printed.

- Overload protection: automatic stop when 3~5% of the maximum value of each gear is exceeded

- Beam travel protection: Double protection of electronic limit and program control

Technical Specifications

Item GJX-1000D
Maximum test force 1000kn
Measuring range of the test force test force is 2% - 100%, and there are no grades in the whole process, equivalent to 4 grades
The relative error of indication value of test force less than ± 1% of indication value
Resolution maximum load 1 / 300000
The relative error of deformation indication value less than ± 1% of indication value
Deformation resolution maximum deformation 1 / 300000
Maximum tensile test space 1100 mm
Piston stroke 150 mm
Column spacing 420 mm
The clamping range of steel strand (mm) standard with φ15.2, and other specifications are provided separately
Pressure plate size 200mm x 200mm
Clamping mode hydraulic clamping
Dimension 750 mm x 600 mm x 2600 mm
Oil source size 1100 mm x 750 mm x 1000 mm
Weight 2800kgs
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