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6 sets horizontal tensile testing machines are being assembled for export

The new horizontal tensile testing machine is being assembled and waiting for shipment

The horizontal tensile test machine is mainly used for tension test of long materials, like steel wire rope, wire rope sling, shackle, webbing sling, cable, nylon rope, chain, etc.it adopts horizontal frame structure.The space adjustment is completed by pushing the moving beam of the plug-in structure,and the precise adjustment is completed by dragging the beam by the oil cylinder.The full digital controller of PC is loaded by the electro-hydraulic servo system, and the closed-loop control of the testing machine is completed by the imported servo valve. The corresponding speed and control precision are high. it has strong resistance to pollution and high reliability. The machine is equipped with a control and data processing software based on database technology under the environment of Windows system.It has the functions of data acquisition, processing, storage and screen display, and has the ability of sharing and distributing the local area network of test data.

Technical Features

- Adopts hydraulic cylinder to load, high precision load cell to measure testing force, photoelectric encoder to measure displacement, computer control, proof load and break load test, testing space and piston stroke can OEM.

- composed of main engine (frame structure), fixed beam, movable beam, loading cylinder, relevant test software and other necessary accessories.

- Safety protection device: 

a) When the test force exceeds 2% - 5% of the maximum test force of each gear, overload protection and shutdown are carried out.

b) When the piston rises to the upper limit position, the stroke protection and the oil pump motor stop. 

c) Hydraulic oil system overload, overpressure, overheating, overflow protection; 

d) Automatic shutdown protection after test;