• Oil
    This system will provide the comprehensive purification solution for all types of industrial oil.
  • Materials
    Tensile, bending, compression, shear and ring stiffness mechanical properties tests on metallic and non-metallic materials.
  • Aerospace
    Fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, pre-cracking and crack extension tests for aerospace materials subjected to tensile, compressive or tensile-compressive alternating loads.
  • Bridge
    Compression and bending tests on concrete elements,testing the mechanical properties of bridge rubber bearings.
  • Mechanical Manufacturing
    Mechanical Manufacturing
    Lubricating oil is called the blood of machinery, the quality of lubricating oil directly affects the operation of machinery and equipment, automatic oil filtration system can effectively solve the
  • Automotive
    Fast and efficient measurement of the mould and the precision control of the part itself is ensured by a stable and effective output of the inspection data.
  • Packaging
    Packaging testing solution provider, including flexible plastic film, plastic bottle, glass container, medical device, adhesives, etc. 
  • Non-destructive Testing
    Non-destructive Testing
    Widely used in aerospace, military, defense and other industries for material analysis, failure analysis, structural analysis, defect analysis, precision measurement reverse engineering, etc.