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Application of flexible fixture in coordinate measuring instrument

   Traditional clamps usually use two clamping plates for clamping. This clamping method has the following shortcomings: the clamping plate is not strong enough for the special-shaped sample, and the clamping can still be stable when clamping the rectangular sample. , But its stability is extremely poor when used in round or irregular shape specimen holders. There are different holding parts for the special-shaped sample holder, but the use is relatively single and cannot satisfy the special-shaped sample at the same time. If it is needed, it is often replaced, which is troublesome to use and high in cost.

  The flexible fixture is equipped with multiple pin shafts that act as grippers. The pin shaft is stretchable relative to the fixed plate. The independent rebound pin shaft can be fine-shaped with the shape of the sample to become any contour, thereby fixing samples of different shapes. Wide range of use. The clamped sample presses down the pin on the fixture to form, the control cylinder extends and pushes the lever, and the lever rotates to drive the locking component to compress the pin and fix the pin. The control structure is simple and the operation is convenient.


The product shape without limit, any support or clamping shape products can be perfect.

Only takes a few seconds the product can be fixed.

Different products when switching debugging time shorten, eliminating the custom fixture development and validation of time.

Module free combination, can develop moreapplication field and application process.

Provides a guarantee for the accurate measurement of the three-coordinate measuring instrument