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Application of sealing tester in flexible food packaging

The sealing tester, also called packaging leak tester, is an instrument used by the production and processing enterprises to detect the sealing of bags, bottles, cans and other containers in the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries, so as to ensure that the products will not be produced due to packaging leakage quality issues (some leaks are invisible to the naked eye) and to extend the shelf life of the products.

Flexible Food Packaging For Leak Tester

The so-called sealing refers to the characteristics of the packaging bag to prevent other substances from entering or the contents to escape. In the production process of food packaging bags, because of the production process is more, there may be heat sealing leakage, compression through or cracks in the material itself, microporous, and the resulting internal and external connectivity of small holes or strength weak points. These will have a very negative impact on food and directly affect the quality of the product. Especially the small holes cause the food part to be directly exposed to the air, and lose the significance of the packaging bag to keep fresh. Such as vacuum, inflatable packaging if the sealing is not good, even if the use of high barrier materials will directly shorten the shelf life of the product, causing some economic losses to the enterprise. From this perspective, the sealing test of packaging products is a feasible way to enhance the corporate image and obtain long-term economic benefits.

Different from other common sealing tester, LEAK-01 leak tester produced by HORIOZN TESTING INSTRUMENT, use negative pressure method, two detection methods, that is normal mode and gradient mode. The newly-added gradient detection mode can find the critical value of sample leakage pressure easily and quickly. 7 inch HD LCD, displaying test data and curves in real time; with a powerful data storage function, storing up to 50,000 test records; auto back flushing function and overvoltage protection ensure the operating safety; Fully compliant with GB/T15171 and ASTM D 3078 standards.

Technical Specifications

Property Data
Vacuum Degree 0~ -90kPa
Accuracy 0.1%FS
Test Method Two detection methods
Test Mode Normal mode / Gradient mode
Increased Test Rate Higher flow rate vacuum generator on demand
Model & Effective Size of Vacuum Chamber Vacuum Chamber 300φ270×210(H)(Standard) Vacuum Chamber 400φ360×585(H)(Optional) Vacuum Chamber 500φ460×330(H)(Optional) Customization Available for Other Sizes of Vacuum Chamber
Maintaining Capability of Vacuum Degree Automatic Compensation, Constant Pressure Maintaining & Vacuum Degree Setting by Range
Operating & Controlling Way Automatic Control & Touch Screen Operation
Gas Supply Pressure 0.7~0.9MPa (customers will need to prepare for gas supply )
Port of Gas Supply Φ6 mm PU Tubing
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz/120V 60Hz
Instrument Dimension Instrument: 300mm(L)×385mm(W)×150mm(H)Vacuum Chamber 300: φ310×355(H)
Net Weight Instrument: 7kgVacuum Chamber 300: 9.5kg
Language Chinese/English (standard), others can be customized

HORIOZN TESTING INSTRUMENT is committed to providing packaging material testing instruments and testing services to escort food safety.