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BASF initiates PRETHINK INK on a global initiative

Recently, BASF initiated the PRETHINK INK (sustainable development alliance for the flexible packaging industry) globally. PRETHINK INK is committed to providing all members with a water-based ink technology exchange platform, through the collaborative cooperation of all partners in the packaging value chain, to jointly create value for society, economy and the environment, and promote the sustainable development of the global flexible packaging industry.

BASF initiates PRETHINK INK on a global initiative

The goals of PRETHINK INK are:

Raise awareness of water-based inks/technology in the industry

Make water-based technology the preferred solution for the future printing and flexible packaging industry, you can use packaging testing equipment.

Why change to water-based ink?

We know that solvent-based inks are still the most commonly used inks. However, the current water-based inks can reach the same quality and have obvious advantages in terms of sustainability. For example, they have less impact on the environment, and at the same price level, they are more friendly to the health of the printing shop employees. Water-based inks are also not subject to environmental protection regulations regarding solvent emissions, and no explosion-proof equipment is required. It strikes a perfect balance between business goals and sustainable development goals-why not choose it?

What is the future of the packaging industry?

In the next 30 years, there will be more and more flexible packaging applications. As the total volume grows, we practitioners in the flexible packaging industry must ensure sustainable development. We should explore various ways to achieve this goal: from compostability, recyclability, to ink formulations-they are all significant in environmental protection.

Whether it is an ink manufacturer, printer, processor or brand owner, water-based inks can help companies and products in the industry value chain become more sustainable and environmentally responsible. The resins we use for water-based ink formulations have performance advantages comparable to solvent-based ink formulation solutions-and are cost-competitive and bring more benefits to the planet.