Bright M Industrial X-ray inspection equipment

Focus Size: 4μm
Resolution: 49.5μm / 99μm / 145μm
Loading Table Size: 300mm
XYZ Stroke: 300mm x 350mm x 600mm

Product Features

- Electronic X-ray inspection equipment. 

- High precision marble base with whole board.  

- Automatic loading and unloading system on the front of sample table

- Universal CT for auto parts.

- Suitable for PCB/SMT/BGA semiconductors, etc.

- Can be used for special inspection equipment for electrical and electronic parts.

- Optimized user interface and image filter.

- Confirm images quickly and clearly.  

- Based on GPU (graphics processing unit) can provide ultra-high speed scanning.

- Automatically detect bubbles and bad functions.

- Provide real-time reconnaissance and fast scanning, and quickly provide CT data.

- CT rotating precision up to 10μm.

- The earliest demonstration center with 450KV high power output X-ray.

Technical Specifications

MODEL Bright160MCT Bright240MCT Bright300MCT
X-Ray Emitter Voltage (Max) 160kV 240kV 300kV
Current (Max) 0.5mA (TOMXT) / 5mA (ROMXT)
Power, Target (MAX) 350W
Focus Size 4μm
Image Output Device Flat Panel Detector(Active Area) 150 x 150 mm
250 x 300 mm300 x 300 mm
430 x 430 mm
resolution 49.5μm / 99μm / 145μm
Manipulator Loading Table Size 300mm
XYZ Stroke 300mm x 350mm x 600mm
Table Rotation 360°
Max. Sample Weight Max 15kg (option : 30kg)
Dimension (W x D x H ) 2400mm x 1950mm x 1910mm
Equipment Weight 3,000kg
Environmental Conditions Power Supply 220 VAC Single phase 50/60Hz
Operation temperature 0 to ~ 40℃
humidity 0% to 90%
X-Ray Leakage Dose 1μSv/hour

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