Bright S X-ray Inspection Equipment Supplier

Category: Scanner
Application: Inspection
Supply Ability: 100
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Product Features

- Electronic X-ray inspection equipment. 

- High precision marble base with whole board.  

- Automatic loading and unloading system on the front of sample table

- Universal CT for auto parts.

- Suitable for PCB/SMT/BGA semiconductors, etc.

- Can be used for special inspection equipment for electrical and electronic parts.

- Optimized user interface and image filter.

- Confirm images quickly and clearly.  

- Based on GPU (graphics processing unit) can provide ultra-high speed scanning.

- Automatically detect bubbles and bad functions.

- Provide real-time reconnaissance and fast scanning, and quickly provide CT data.

- CT rotating precision up to 10μm.

- The earliest demonstration center with 450KV high power output X-ray.

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