Coefficient of Friction Tester for Phone Film

Mobile phone film has the advantages of scratch resistance, hard surface, and not easy to foam, also known as tempered film, mobile phone screen protective film, mobile phone film  . It has become a necessary accessory for mobile phones. The coefficient of friction is an important factor in the smoothness of the mobile phone film. The film pasted on the mobile phone screen should have a low coefficient of friction, so that consumers have a good touch and smoothness during use, while the film on the back should have a relatively low friction coefficient. The high friction coefficient increases the friction force of the mobile phone holding and prevents accidental slipping.

This test uses the mobile phone screen film as the test sample

Coefficient of Friction Tester for Phone Film

This article uses the Coefficient of Friction Tester for Phone Film COF-01 developed and produced by HORIZON to test the mobile phone film friction coefficient. 0.5 class high precision force sensor makes the accuracy and repeatability of test results;Equipped with advanced displacement control system, automatically read displacement, displacement accuracy can reach 0.1mm;With advanced servo drive system, it can realize stepless speed change and meet the test requirements of users under different test conditions.

Test Principle:

Friction is the force value that prevents the relative movement of two objects in contact with each other. According to the different stages of object movement, friction can be divided into static friction and dynamic friction. The resistance from static to movement is static friction, and the resistance during movement is dynamic friction.

Spread the two materials involved in the friction coefficient test flat on the test bench, and fix the other on a sliding block of a certain weight. The two test surfaces are placed flat together, and the two surfaces are moved relative to each other under a certain contact pressure. Record The friction required. Dividing the tested force by the gravity of the slider is the friction coefficient value.

Test Range:

Coefficient of Friction Tester COF-01 is applicable to determination of static and kinetic coefficient of friction of plastic films, sheeting, aluminum foils, paper, paper-plastic composite films, paper board, wooden material, brake pads, windshield wiper, tire, conveyor belt, hair, metal, carbon rod, catheter and artificial skin, etc.

Coefficient of Friction Tester


ASTM D 1894, ISO 8295, TAPPI T816, GB 10006

Test Procedure:

1.According to the standard, cut two samples of the same size of the tempered film for convenient comparison test;

2.Spread sample 1 on the test board and click "Reset";

3.Start the instrument, set the test speed, test temperature, stroke and other test parameters, and start the test;

4.After the first test is completed, the system automatically prints the data;

5.Remove sample 1, put sample 2 on the test board, and click "reset" again;

6.Repeat the above steps.

The mobile phone screen and the film used on the back of the mobile phone have different requirements for the friction coefficient. This article introduces that the coefficient of friction tester for phone screensaver film. The detection process is simple, the instrument is simple to operate, the degree of automation is high, and the test results are accurate and reliable. The function of adjustment and control, at the same time, also satisfies the detection requirements of friction coefficient of electronic materials such as mobile phone film. 

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