CST-02 Paper Cup Stiffness Tester

Cup Caliber: 50~150mm
Test Range: 0-30N
Resolution: 0.01N
Deformation: 9.5 ± 0.5mm

Brief Introduction 

CST-02 Paper Cup Stiffness Tester designed for test cup body stiffness for capacity cups, bowls, disposable plastic cups, tea cups and other products.

Technical Features

- Automatic electronic test equipment, easy to use, test a wider range

- Microcomputer system automatically determine the initial test status

- One-button operation to avoid human error

- Equipped with micro-printer for quick output data

- Double-headed structure design, screw drive mode, the test data is more accurate

- Built-in automatic tray lifting mechanism, a high degree of automation

Test Principle

Put sample on the instrument platform, make the probe vertical access to the sidewalls of the cup, adjust the bench to make the vertical distance of probe on the two-thirds of the cup.


Basic Application
Paper Cup
Disposable Plastic Cup
Paper Bowl

Technical Specification

Property Data
Item CST-02
Cup Caliber 50~150mm
Measured Height 30~150mm
Test Range 0-30N
Test Speed 50±2.5mm/min
Resolution 0.01N
Indication Accuracy ±1%
Deformation 9.5± 0.5mm
Instrument Dimension 650 mm (L) × 330 mm (W) × 400 mm (H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz / AC 120V 60HZ
Net Weight 42 kg 


QB/T 2294, JJG157, GB/T 27590  


- Standard Configuration: Instrument, Micro-Printer

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