CT-01 Cobb Tester

Model: CT-1
Test Area: 100±0.2cm 2
Internal Diameter: 112.8±0.2mm
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

CT-01 Cobb Tester is designed to measure the water absorption of paper and paperboard using the Cobb method. It is suitable for sizing paper and Water absorption on cardboard surface, not suitable for basis paper and embossed paper with basis weight less than 50g / m2, low sizing degree or more pinholes; not suitable for accurate evaluation Writing performance of paper or cardboard.

Test Principle

Cobb tester is a test of the water absorption capacity of the paper or cardboard surface. Cobb value: Under certain conditions, within a specified period of time, the mass of water absorbed by the surface of the carton board per unit area is expressed in grams per square meter (g / m2). Specific formulas are as follows:

C = (G2-G1)*100.

Type: C- Cobb absorption value;

The quality of the sample after G2- water absorption;

G1-before the water absorption of the sample quality.

*Total test time recommended by international standards to remove excess water and perform water absorption

Recommended time(S) Mark Time of remove excess water (S) Time to finish absorbing water (S)
30 cobb30 20±1 30±1
60 cobb60 45±1 60±2
120 cobb120 105±2 120±2
300 cobb300 285±2 300±2
1800 cobb1800 1755~1815 After remove excess water 15±2


Basic Applications Paper

Technical Specifications

Item CT-01
Test Area 100±0.2cm 2
Internal Diameter 112.8±0.2mm
Metal Cylinder Height 50mm
Roll Width 200+0.5mm
Pressure Roll Quality 10±0.5kg
Instrument Dimension 480 mm (L) × 400 mm (W) ×433 mm (H)
Net Weight 28kg 



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