Electro-hydraulic servo dynamic and static fatigue testing machine

Max static force: ±1000kN
Frequency range: 0.1-20Hz
Max dynamic force: ±1000kN
Test space: 1000mm

Electro-hydraulic servo dynamic and static fatigue testing machine

Brief Introduction

The electro-hydraulic servo dynamic and static fatigue testing machine is the latest series of new products developed by our company. This series of products are easy to use, high control accuracy and good reliability.

The electro-hydraulic servo dynamic and static fatigue testing machine is designed with the development concept of "unitization, modularization, and standardization". The key components of the testing machine are all made of international famous brand products or processed with international advanced technology, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the system. The overall performance of the testing machine is equivalent to the technical level of international advanced products.

The electro-hydraulic servo dynamic and static fatigue testing machine is widely used in the dynamic fatigue mechanical performance test of anchor bolts, steel strands and locks. It can also perform tensile, compression, low-cycle and high-cycle fatigue tests on various materials and parts. It can be used for crack propagation fracture mechanics of various materials and various other mechanical tests by configuring corresponding accessories and test software. Optional high and low temperature box can be used for high and low temperature mechanical tests.


The main platform is a four-column frame structure. The beam movement adopts hydraulic lifting, hydraulic clamping, and elastic loosening structure to ensure that the beam is stable and reliable during the test, and at the same time to ensure that the beam remains locked when it is not in the test state.

The actuator has a built-in high-precision LVDT displacement sensor for measuring the test displacement. The actuator is equipped with a hydraulic module composed of a precision oil filter with a filtration accuracy of 0.003mm, an accumulator in the return oil circuit with pulse elimination and energy storage functions, and a dedicated two-stage electro-hydraulic servo valve for the testing machine. The precision oil filter is installed in front of the electro-hydraulic servo valve, which can effectively prevent the electro-hydraulic servo valve from clogging due to hydraulic oil pollution.


The software is mainly used for constant amplitude dynamic tests, such as constant amplitude fatigue test, constant amplitude fatigue crack growth test, etc. The function generator software will automatically track and correct the peak and valley values of the control variables (such as load) to ensure that the dynamic error of each peak value is typically ±0.5% FS during the test. The operator can dynamically Change the peak value, bottom value and frequency, manual or automatic signal hold can also be performed. If the automatic signal hold cycle number interval is set, the software will automatically keep the signal at the set level every time the test cycle number increases by one cycle number interval To facilitate the measurement of certain test data (such as visual inspection of crack length). Software selectable waveforms are sine wave, triangle wave and square wave. After the test, the software will save some important data, such as test load, frequency, number of cycles, and test time. The software can also perform simple static tests.


Maximum static test force: ±1000kN, calibrated according to 1, 10 attenuation multiples, and the display accuracy is ±1% from 20% for each file.

Maximum dynamic test force: ±1000kN, the amplitude fluctuation is not greater than ±2%FS for each gear.

The maximum amplitude of the actuator: ±150mm, ±0.5%FS from 20%.

Frequency range: 0.1-20Hz.

Main test waveforms: supported by the controller.

Specifications of constant pressure servo pump station: flow rate 100L/min, motor power 45kW;

Workbench size: 1200*800mm;

Maximum test space: 1000mm.

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