Force Standard machine

Power: 2kW
Error Of Force: ≤±0.01%
Positioning Accuracy: 10um
Range Of Load Force: 10kN~1000kN


The new lever force standard machine with independent intellectual property rights developed by using advanced technology. It is suitable for all kinds of occasions such as force value transfer, dynamometer and precise force value. It is also a reliable, efficient and precise instrument for measuring and testing the force and sensor in scientific research, production and application.

Main features

It is supported by eight columns with steel structure base.The whole machine has stable and reliable structure and good rigidity, and no special foundation is needed for installation.CCTM patented technology, parallel bar structure, electric

independent code adding or free code structure.The zero point of the lever is naturally balanced without special balancing


The modular design of the whole machine, highly integrated working system, mechanical transmission, weight and

electrical control are integrated into one, which can work after power on.

Work process automation. The automatic control of the whole working process such as weight loading, lever balance stability,data acquisition and processing is realized. It has high working efficiency and can meet the requirements of various force measuring instruments and sensors for applied load and test method.

Load characteristic test, creep test and environmental characteristic test of sensor can be carried out.

It can transmit data in wireless network, and can realize remote information exchange, service and machine state diagnosis.Human-machine dialogue operation, visualization of work process and automatic monitoring.

This series of product technology is also suitable for the technical transformation of traditional lever machine.

Technical Parameter

Range Of Load Force 10kN~1000kN
Maximum Magnification Ratio 50
Resolution Of Weight displacement 1um
Positioning Accuracy 10um
Error Of Force ≤±0.01%
Power 2kW
The weight is divided into two bodies. The gravity of the small weight is 5kn, and the force value of 10kN~250kN can be applied.
The total gravity of the combined weights is 20kN, and the force value of 250kN~1000kN can be applied.
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