Glass Bottle Polariscope Strain Viewer China Manufacturer

Model: PSV-01
Test Accuracy: ≤2nm
Zero Reset Error: ≤2nm
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

PSV-01 Glass Bottle Polariscope Strain Viewer is suitable for measuring the internal stress value of glass products such as various glassware, glass measuring tools, glass containers, glass bottles for medicine and food packaging, etc.

Technical Features

- Double test modes: qualitative and quantitative.

- Uses an angle encoder for measurement, and the measurement result is better than 2nm 

- LED display dual numerical display: The display window adopts a high-definition LED display, which can display the measurement angle and optical path difference value at the same time, and the user can obtain the required data intuitively

- No calibration required for dark field: Using an absolute encoder, the dark field of the polarization field is always at the zero angle point, so there is no need for the user to calibrate the zero point, which avoids 

- Energy-saving: use more energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED light source, which can save more than 80% energy compared with traditional light

Test Principle

Polariscope Strain Viewer is an instrument for examining the effect of internal stress or crystal birefringence of glass by using polarized light interference principle. Due to the polarizing stress analyzer equipped with sensitive customers. And the application of 1 / 4 wave plate compensation method, so the instrument can not only according to the polarization field in the order of interference color, internal stress of qualitative or semi quantitative measurement of the glass, you can also accurate quantitative measurements of glass stress value.

Technical Specifications

Item PSV-01
Test Accuracy ≤2nm
Zero Reset Error ≤2nm
Indication 0.1nm
Angle Indication 0.1°
Polarization Field Diameter 150mm
Brightness of Field of View >120cd/m2
Rotation Angle 360° (± 180°)
Power 8W
Voltage AV 220V 50Hz
Instrument Dimension 270mm(L)×290mm(W)×530mm(H)
Net Weight 6kg


ASTM C148, GB/T 4545, GB/T 12415, GB/T 15726, JC/T 655, YBB00162003

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