HF1000 Series Oil filtration system

Moisture content: <20Ppm
Pressure: 0.6~1
Impurities: <1μm
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Lubricants are known as the blood of machinery and equipment. As the name implies, the quality of the oil in hydraulic and lubrication stations directly affects the operation of mechanical equipment. According to authoritative statistics, the vast majority of hydraulic lubrication equipment failures are caused by the quality of the oil. Oil in storage, transportation, filling, oil change and operation process generated by mechanical impurities and moisture exceed the standard is the main factor causing oil deterioration, the main cause of operational failure. It seriously affects production efficiency and significantly increases production costs. Therefore, to ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment must start with the quality of the oil, to truly save energy and increase efficiency.

Horizon Technology is a professional manufacturer and seller of industrial oil telling centrifugal oil purification systems. Since the product was put into production, it has been unique in the field of oil purification and has won the trust of various industries. This system will provide a comprehensive purification solution for all types of industrial oil.

HF1000 series automatic oil purification system system is suitable for the process of automatic drainage, high speed centrifugal emulsion breaking and impurity removal for lubricants with high water content, serious emulsification and solid contamination. The system reaches the international leading level of unattended, no consumables and simple operation.

Scope of application.

Power: turbine lubricating oil, EH anti-fuel oil, transformer oil, etc.

Metallurgy: rolling mill lubricating oil, hydraulic oil for rolling mills, hydraulic station oil, etc.

Precision processing machine tools: spindle box, gearbox lubricant, hydraulic oil for self-service system, etc.

Paper making: pulp thin oil station, drying thin oil station, etc.

Shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace: hydraulic oil for pipe fitting process, special oil for aviation, etc.

Petroleum, petrochemical: hydraulic oil for specialized mud pumps, etc.

Working principle

Inside the oil purifier there is a rotor with double spray nozzles, only the pressure generated by the flow of lubricating oil can drive the rotor, the oil is filled with the rotor and sprayed along the lower nozzle of the turntable, the driving force makes the rotor rotate at high speed, the speed can reach more than 4000~6000 rpm, the force produced is 2000 times of gravity, the principle of centrifugation drives the impurities and water in the lubricating oil to be separated out. These substances include metals, abrasives and sludge, and even 1μm particles can be separated out.

The separated contaminants are then deposited in the dust collection hood inside the rotor and are cleaned regularly.

The water in the oil is separated by the action of the centrifuge after the emulsion has been broken, and a small amount of water is stored in the water accumulation tray, which is cleaned together with the impurities.


More than double the life of the machine and equipment

Extends oil change intervals with a minimum filtration accuracy of <1μm

Removal of water from oil down to 20 ppm

Minimum operating power of 3kw, 1/10th of the energy consumption of the Insomnia oil filter

No later costs for consumable parts

Able to remove abrasive substances that cannot be filtered by cartridges

Can save more than 10 times the mechanical impurities of a normal filter

Compact size. Convenient installation

Fully automatic and unattended

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