High-temperature Coefficient of Friction Tester Suppliers

Test Accuracy: 0.1%FS
Stroke: 300mm
Specimen Height: 0~30mm
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

COF-01A High Temperature Coefficient of Friction Tester is applicable to determination of static and kinetic coefficient of friction of plastic films, sheeting, aluminum foils, paper, paper-plastic composite films, paper board, wooden material, brake pads, windshield wiper, tire, conveyor belt, hair, metal, carbon rod, catheter and artificial skin, etc.

Technical Features

- High temperature testing function

- 0.1 class high precision force sensor makes the accuracy and repeatability of test results.

- Both static coefficient of friction and kinetic coefficient of friction can be tested in this instrument.

- The sliding plane and the sled are treated by degaussing and remanence detection which effectively reduce the system errors

- The functions of automatic delay timing and automatic COF zeroing ensure enough touching time between tested specimens

- Equipped with advanced displacement control system, automatically read displacement, displacement accuracy can reach 0.1mm

- Embedded micro-computer chips, simplified and efficient user interface provide users with comfortable and smooth operating experience.

- Standard, modularized and systematic designs can meet personalized requirements of the users. 

- 7 inch HD LCD, touch screen interface, displaying test data and curves in real time

- Imported high-speed and high-precision chips guarantee the testing accuracy and efficiency.

- Uses high-precision motor-driven mechanism, which can control the speed and displacement precisely.

- Supports tests with non-standard mass sleds.

- Supports tests of non-standard thickness of specimens.

- Historical test data can be printed out by built-in micro-printer.

- Equipped with standard serial communication ports.

Test Principle

Put two test surface flat together. Make the two surface relative move under a certain contact pressure and record the required force. The test force divided by the gravity of the slider is the friction coefficient values.


Item Info
Basic Application Films
Paper and Paperboard
Textiles, Non-woven Fabrics and Woven Bags
Aluminum Foils, Aluminum Foil Composite Films, and Metal Products
Extended Application Eye Drops
Medical Tubes

Technical Specifications

Item COF-01A
Capacity Range 5N (Standard)
10N, 30N, 50N, 100N (Optional)
Test Accuracy 0.1%FS
Sliding Plane Temperature Room Temperature ~ 90℃
Stroke 300mm
Sled Mass 200g (standard) (Customization is available for other masses)
Test Speed 100mm/min, 150mm/min
Test speed could be adjusted
Specimen Height 0~30mm
Power Supply AC (85~264) V (47~63) Hz 
Instrument Dimension 600mm (L)×330 mm (W)×230 mm (H)
Net Weight 36 kg


ASTM D 1894, ISO 8295, TAPPI T816, GB 10006


Item Info
Standard Configuration Instrument, Micro-printer, Sled of 200g
Optional Parts sled of 500g, Non-standard Sled

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