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HORIZON's upgraded version of automatic cap torque tester is newly launched

At present, the cap torque tester on the market is basically manual and mechanical, that is the specimen is clamped on a fixed plate to open or lock the specimen manually, and the torque applied to the specimen is collected by a sensor connected to the fixed plate to obtain the opening or locking force of the specimen.Due to the manual operation of the sample, there will inevitably be errors in the test results. Based on this phenomenon, HORIZON has launched a new automatic cap torque tester, which contributes to the quality control of bottle cap torque.

automatic cap torque tester machine

Automatic cap torque tester DTT-02 use innovative manipulator technique supports automatic gripping, opening and fastening, which minimizes the error caused by manual operations and improves the testing accuracy and repeatability;Gripping force, fastening force and turning speed of the cap can be adjusted freely;the testing resolution is as high as 0.0001Nm;Real-time test curve display and group test statistics improve testing efficiency;With a powerful data storage function, storing up to 50,000 test records.

In the test application of the automatic cap torque tester, besides the basic application torque test and removal torque test of beverage bottles, medicine bottles, eye drops, hand creams and other products, it also adds new expanded applications,such as application & removal torque of screw nut, vacuum flask and vacuum cup.

Applications of automatic cap torque tester:

applications of automatic cap torque tester

Technical Specifications:

Item DTT-02 Automatic cap torque tester
Load Cell Capacity N·mStandard)
20N·m, 40N·m (Optional)
Accuracy 0.5% FS
Resolution 0.001N·m
Body Clamp Range Φ5 mm~Φ170 mm
Cap Clamp Range Φ10 mm~Φ80 mm
Bottle Height 20 mm~400 mm
Maximum Removal/Application Torque 2 Nm (customization available for other specs)
Specimen Clamping and Turning Way Pneumatic
Gas Supply Air (Not in supply scope)
Gas Supply Pressure 0.7 Mpa (101.5psi)
Statistical Analysis Allowance 0 ~ 50000
Instrument Dimension 570 mm (L) × 375mm (W) × 1200mm (H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz /120V 60Hz
Net Weight 38 kg

HORIZON is committed to the development and production of a variety of packaging testing equipment instruments. In order to meet the different testing needs of our customers, we will update the instrument functions and launch new products from time to time. For more information, welcome to contact us: [email protected] .