HTT-01 Hot Tack Tester

Model: HTT-01
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.2 °C
Temperature Uniformity: ± 1 °C
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

The hot tack strength refers to the sealing strength of the soft plastic package after the heat-sealed edge has not yet cooled. If the hot tack strength of the packaging bag is poor, the bag will be broken under the impact of the product or air leakage will occur due to damage to the heat-sealed edge. Therefore, setting appropriate heat sealing parameters and improving the hot tack strength of soft plastic packaging bags are important measures to reduce the rate of bag breakage at the production site or to reduce air leakage during storage.

HTT-01 Hot Tack Tester is applicable in hot tack and heat seal performance tests for plastic films, laminated films and other packaging materials. It is applicable in peel test, tensile at break test, and other tests for adhesives, adhesive tapes, laminated films, plastic films, paper and other flexible materials.

Technical Features

- Four test modes of hot tack, heat seal, peel and tensile test provide users with more combinations of test conditions

- By using digital P.I.D temperature control technology, the preset sealing temperature can be achieved in a short period without fluctuation.

- Equipped with advanced displacement control system, displacement accuracy can reach 0.1mm

- Four force ranges, advanced servo drive system, 0.05-3000mm/min stepless speed regulation, which can meet the different test needs of users

- Various specifications of load cells, to achieve various force value test requirements

- Intelligent designs of over-travel protection, overload protection, automatic position reset and power failure memory for safe test operation

- Independent temperature control of the upper and lower jaws gives multiple combinations of test conditions

- Most test parameters such as heat sealing temperature, pressure and dwell time can be input by operating on the touch screen.

- The 7-inch color touch screen with intelligent data processing functions provides users with a comfortable and smooth operating experience

- Manual or pedal switch, as well as anti-scald design guarantee a convenient and safe operating environment

- Concise and intuitive operation interface, convenient user-defined test functions, and complete data analysis and reporting functions

- Equipped with a variety of practical functions including automatic reset, fault prompt, overload protection, stroke protection, etc. to ensure user safety in operation

- Equipped with standard RS232 interface, which is convenient to PC connection and data transmission

- Provide professional customization services to meet the individual needs of users in fixtures, software, etc.


Basic Applications Hot Tack Performance Plastic films, sheets and composite films e.g. PE, PP, PET and composite films used in packages for instant noodle, milk powder, washing powder, food and drugs
Heat Seal Performance Plastic films, sheets and composite films
Tensile Strength Tensile strength test of various films, sheets and composite films
Peel Strength Adhesives and adhesive tapes
Medical Adhesives Peeling test and tensile strength test of medical adhesives e.g. adhesive bandages
Adhesive Tapes Low speed unwrapping test
Textiles, Nonwovens and Woven Bags Peeling test and tensile strength test
Protection Films Peeling test and tensile strength test
Magnetic Cards Peeling test of the films and magnetic cards
Bottle Caps Opening force test of the aluminum plastic combination bottle caps

Technical Specifications

Item HTT-01
Sealing Temperature Room temperature ~ 300 °C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.2 °C
Dwell Time (Heat Seal Test) 0.1~ 999.9s
Temperature Uniformity ± 1 °C
Dwell Time (Hot Tack Test) 0.1~ 999.9s
Sealing Pressure 0.05 MPa ~ 0.7 MPa 
Sealing Area 100 mm ×5mm
Heating Mode Single or Double Heating Surfaces
 (Customization Available)
Gas Supply Pressure 0.5MPa~0.7MPa (Not in Supply Scope)
Port Size Φ4mm PU Tubing
Load Cell Capacity  0~200 N 30N, 50N, 100N, 500N (Optional)
Force Accuracy 0.5% FS
Force Resolution 0.001N 
Test Speed 0.05 ~ 3000 mm/min
Specimen Width 15 mm, 25 mm or 25.4 mm
Stroke 500 mm
Instrument Dimension 1170mm (L) × 360 mm (W) × 460 mm (H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz / AC 120V 60HZ
Net Weight 45 kg


GB/T 34445, ASTM F1921, ASTM F2029, QB/T 2358, YBB 00122003


Standard Configuration Instrument, Pedal Switch, Manual Clamp, Φ4 mm PU Tubing
Optional Parts Air Compressor

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