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Instrument calibration and software function of waterproof membrane tensile testing machine

The waterproof membrane tensile testing machine is mainly used for tensile strength testing of new building waterproof materials (including new waterproof membranes, cloth, paper, waterproof coatings, waterproof sealing materials, etc.). This machine has seven speeds for users to choose. That is, select different stretching speeds for different materials, stretch the sample within the gauge length, and measure the force value and stretched length value at break. What everyone shares below is the instrument calibration and software functions of the waterproof membrane tensile testing machine.

Instrument calibration of waterproof coiled material tensile testing machine

1.Turn off the power for 3 minutes first.

2.Press and hold the "Calibration" button and turn on the power at the same time. Release the "Calibration" button immediately after power on. At this time, the left display window displays the code, and the right displays "‖". After stable for 2-3 minutes, press "Clear" Release the key for more than 2 seconds, and the display window "‖" on the right will change to "00".

3.Hang the weight of the standard quality on the upper chuck, press the "calibration" button once after it stabilizes, and the left display window will display "0000.0" at this time. "P-1" is displayed on the right.

 4.Press the "Calibration" key again, "0000.0" is displayed on the left, and "P-2" is displayed on the right.

5.Change the mass of the standard weight into a tensile force, and then fill in the obtained value in the left display window. For example, a weight with a mass of 10KG is converted into a tensile force of 10×9.8=9.8N, and the displayed value is 0098.0, and then press Once the "calibration" key is pressed, the stored force value will be displayed on the left for 3 seconds, namely: 0098.0.

Note: During the calibration process, the "Save" key is to increase the value, the "Check" key is to decrease the value, and the "Clear" key is to shift the value.

Software function introduction of waterproof membrane tensile testing machine

  1. 1.Test standard modularization function: provide users with the test standard settings required by the application, covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... etc. Test standard specification.

  2. 2.Test product data of waterproof coiled material tensile testing machine: provide users with all test product data set by the user, input the data once * repeatedly use. The formula can be modified by itself to improve the fit of the test data.

  3. 3.Double report editing: completely open for users to edit reports, allowing testers to choose their preferred report format (the test program adds a built-in EXCEL report editing function to extend the previous format of a single professional report)

  4. 4.The length, strength unit, and display digits of the waterproof membrane tensile testing machine adopt dynamic interchange mode. The strength unit is T, Kg, N, KN, g, lb, and the deformation unit is mm, cm, and inch.

  5. 5.The graph curve scale automatically optimizes Auto Scale, so that the graph can be displayed in scale. And it can switch the real-time graphics dynamically during the test. With load-displacement, load-time, displacement-time, stress-strain load-2 point extension diagram, and multi-curve comparison.

  6. 6.The test results can be output in the form of data in EXCEL format.