JB-W Computer Controlled Impact Testing Machine Made In China

Impact Speed: 5.2m/s
Pendulum Angle: 150°
Specimen Bearer Span: 40mm
Impact Blade Thickness: 16mm

Product Description

The JB-W computer controlled impact testing machine is a pendulum impact testing machine, using single-chip control, which can realize integrated operations such as swinging → positioning → impact → measurement → calculation → digital display result –printing, etc., with high work efficiency and test accuracy. After impacting the sample, the remaining energy is used to automatically swing the pendulum to prepare for the next impact test. Its superiority is better demonstrated in the test room where impact tests are continuously carried out, or in the metallurgy and manufacturing sectors where impact tests are carried out in large quantities. It can calculate and digitally display the material's impact absorption energy, impact toughness, pendulum angle and test average value. Print the current test data and the average value of the test.


ASTM E23, GB/T1974, ISO 14556, GB/T3808, JJG145

Technical Specifications

Model JB-W150 JB-W300
Max. Impact Energy 150J 300J
Control Way Computer Control
Impact Speed 5.2m/s
Pendulum Angle 150°
Specimen Bearer Span 40mm
Round Angle Of The jaw R1~1.5mm
Round Angle Of Impact Edge R2~2.5mm
Impact Blade Angle 30±1°
Impact Blade Thickness 16mm
Standard Specimen Size 10mm*10(7.5or5)mm*55mm
Dimension 2124mm*725mm*1340mm
Weight 550kg
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