JB-W300B computer controlled impact testing machine

Capacity Of Sample Box: 20 PCS
Impact Speed: 5.2 m/s
Impact Energy: 150 J / 300 J
Angle Accuracy: ±0.1°


JB-W300B computer controlled impact testing machine is a pendulum type impact testing machine, which is controlled by single chip microcomputer.It can realize the integrated operation of raise the pendulum → positioning→impact→ measurement → calculation → digital display results→printing,with high working efficiency and high testing accuracy.After impacting the sample, the residual energy is used to raise the pendulum automatically to prepare for the next impact test.Its advantages can be reflected in the continuous impact test laboratory and a large number of impact tests in the metallurgical, mechanical manufacturing and other departments. It can calculate and display the impact energy, impact toughness,pendulum angle and test average value.Print the current test data and the average value of the test.


Model JBDS-300Y
Impact Energy 150 J / 300 J
Value Of Every Grid 1 J
Control Methods Single Chip Control
The Distance Between The Pendulum 750 mm
Shaft And Impact Point
Impact Speed 5.2 m/s
Impact Pendulum Configuration 150 J,1 PC.300 J, 1 PC
Pre-rising Angle Of The Pendulum 150°
Specimen Bearer Span 40+0.2 mm
Round Angle Of The Jaw R 1.0~1.5 mm
Round Angle Of Impact Edge R 2.0~2.5 mm (Special Order: R8±0.05 mm)
Angle Accuracy ±0.1°
Standard Specimen Dimension 10 mm*10(7.5 or 5) mm*55 mm
Thickness Of Impact Knife 16 mm
Cooling Way Compressor Refrigeration
Capacity Of Sample Box 20 PCS
Range Of Low Temperature 0°C ~ -60°C  Or  0°C ~ -80°C
Precision Of Controlling Temperature Fluctuation ±0.5°C Grades 1°C
Power Supply 3phs, 380V, 50Hz

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