Leak and Seal Strength Tester Factory Price

Gas Injection Head: Φ10 mm
Gas Supply Pressure: 0.4 Map ~0.7 Map
Port Size: Φ8 mm PU Tubing
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction

LSST-01 Leak & Seal Strength Tester is applicable to quantitative determination of seal strength of sealing edges, heat seal quality, burst strength and leakproofness of the packages. It can also be used for quantitative determination of seal performance of plastic pilfer-proof closures, inflated packages, soft tubes and medical packages as well as analytical tests of the seal performance, compression resistance and burst strength of various bottles. 

Technical Features

- Uses positive pressure method. Flow rate and pressure can be set and controlled properly.

- 7 inch HD LCD, touch screen interface, displaying test data and curves in real time.

- Multiple test modes including burst, creep, creep-to-failure and pressure maintaining.

- It supports restrained distension and un-restrained distension tests.

- Both pressure and time can be preset, and the test mode can be entered by directly entering the values.

- High precision electronic flow controller for precise control of gas flow.

- With a powerful data storage function, storing up to 50,000 test records

- Results are automatically determined and test data can be printed

- Embedded micro-computer chips, simplified and efficient user interface provide users with comfortable and smooth operating experience.

- Overvoltage protection ensures the operating safety.

- Standard, modularized and systematic designs can meet personalized requirements of the users.

- Low energy consumption makes the instrument environment-friendly.

- Equipped with standard RS232 interface, which is convenient to PC connection and data transmission.

- The test frame and filling head can be raised and lowered for ease of operation.


Item Info
Basic Application Burst Test Burst strength tests of various packaging bags, boxes and bottles
Creep Test Creep tests of various packaging bags and boxes
Creep-to-failure Test Creep-to-failure tests of various packaging bags and boxes
Extended Application High-pressure Test The maximum pressure applied can be 1.6MPa
Pilfer-proof Closure Seal performance tests of various pilfer-proof closures
Three-sided Sealing Materials Tests of packaging bags with three-sided seal and one-sided open
Compression resistance of medical blister pack Tests of various blister packs
Soft Tubes Tests of various soft tubes for daily chemical products including toothpaste, facial cleaner, cosmetics as well as medical creams and some food products
Aerosol Valves Tests of various aerosol valves, e.g. vales of pesticide, hair spray, auto spray paint and medical spray packages

Technical Specifications

Item LSST-01
Test Range 0 ~ 600kPa;0~87psi(Standard)
0 ~ 1.6 Map;0 ~ 232.1 psi(Optional)
Gas Injection Head Φ10 mm (Standard)Φ4 mm, Φ1.6 mm (Optional)
Gas Supply Pressure  0.4 Map ~0.7 Map(Not in supply scope)
Port Size Φ8 mm PU Tubing
Instrument Dimension 310mm(L)×370mm(W)×150mm(H)
Pedestal Size 305mm(L)×356mm(W)×325mm(H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz/ AC 110V 60Hz
Net Weight 25Kg


ASTM F2054, ASTM F1140, ISO 11607-1, ISO 11607-2, GB 18454, GB 19741, GB 10440, GB 17447, GB/T 17876, GB/T 10004, GB/T 10005, BB/T 0003, BB/T 0025, QB/T 1871, YBB 00162002, YBB 00252005


Standard Configuration Instrument, Test Frame, Micro-printer
Optional Parts Test Accessories ((Fixtures for Closed Package Restraining Test, Open Package Unrestrained Test, Flexible Tube Test and Aerosol Vale Seal Performance), and Test Device for Blister Pack Seal Performance

Note: 1. The gas supply port of the instrument is Φ8 mm PU Tubing;

         2. Customers will need to prepare for gas supply.

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