Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Electronic Universal Testing Machine


1. During the test, pay attention to the position of the moving beam to ensure the best test space;

2. The screw should be lubricated every month, and the condition of the lubricant in the reducer should be checked frequently

3. Please pay attention to keep the testing equipment clean, and clean up the site after the test.

4. If an abnormal phenomenon occurs during the operation of the equipment, press the emergency stop button immediately

Common faults and solutions

1. System display garbled code: press the emergency stop button to restart the display system after power failure; the host must be reliably grounded.

2. The screen does not display after booting: the line is not connected, recheck the connection of each connector

3. The motor cannot start: the speed is too slow, or the limit switch is in working state, adjust according to the manual; (when the limit switch is in working state, the green light does not turn on)

4. The calibration value is displayed at the load point at power-on, please check whether the sensor line is connected correctly.

Installation and commissioning

1. The equipment and its accessories are packed in the packing box. Before unpacking, check whether the outer packing is intact. After unpacking, take out the random technical documents, and then check whether the parts in the packing box are in good condition, and check whether there are missing parts according to the packing list.

2. Place the host on a solid concrete floor.

3. The power supply system of the testing equipment is single-phase AC power supply, and the power supply is about 5000W. Directly insert the plug of the device into the pre-prepared socket, and connect all the cables.

Note: The machine must be grounded reliably.