MT-05 Moisture Meter

Model: MT-05
Test range: 110g/1mg
Resolution: 1mg (0.001g)
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

MT-05 Moisture Meter is used for the determination of the moisture content of sanitary products, non-woven fabrics, films, paper, cardboard and other materials.

Technical Features

- Unique windshield design and the use of HBM sensors make the weighing system more stable

- Halogen lamp heating, fast and pollution-free

- The heating cavity adopts pure stainless steel mirror surface cavity cover, high temperature resistance, easy to clean, and heat preservation

- Uniform heating, stable performance, accurate testing

- The test temperature can be adjusted at will, standard, soft, fast and other test modes can be selected

- Can memorize multiple drying processes


Basic Applications Non-woven Fabrics

Technical Specifications

Item MT-05
Test range 110g/1mg
Resolution 1mg(0.001g)
Pan size Φ 90
Way to Heat Up Halogen lamp
Temperature Setting 40℃~199℃
Time Setting 1~99min
ATRO 100%~999%
Data Storage 20
Instrument Dimension 210 mm (L) × 180 mm (W) × 380 mm (H)
Net Weight 6kg 



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