New Model Computer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine

Accuracy Class: Class 1/ Class 0.5
Accuracy Of Test Force: within ±0.5%
Resolution Of Displacement: 0.001mm
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

                                                                                                                                                                             New Model Computer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine


Electronic universal testing machine is applicable for wide range of tensile compression, bending and shear test for metal, nonmetal, composite materials, medicine, food, wood, plastic material, waterproofing materials, insulation materials, wire and cable, paper, film, rubber, textile and aerospace material etc. And can be customized according to the standards provided by customers all kinds of experimental data processing software and test assistive device.



ASTMA370, ASTME4, ASTME8, ASTME9, ISO6892, ISO7438, ISO7500-1, EN10002-4, GB/T228, GB16491, HGT3844, QB11130, GB13-22, HGT3849, GB6349, GB/T1040.2,

ASTM C165, EN826, EN1606, EN1607, EN12430 etc.

Technical Features

◆ Floor-type and double space structure table, standard model for upper space stretch, lower space compression and bending.

◆ Equipped with brand business computer and A4 brand printer.

◆ A high precision tension-compression type sensor is standard, and multiple load sensors can be expanded.

◆ The built-in controller is adopted to ensure the control of isokinetic displacement

◆ Stable and reliable performance due to the use of AC servo motor

◆ The experimental results can be obtained in automatic and manual, form report form automatically, the data analysis process is simple

◆ Overload protection: automatic stop when 3~5% of the maximum value of each gear is exceeded

◆ Beam travel protection: Double protection of electronic limit and program control.


Technological innovation

The new generation of electronic universal testing machine is a brand-new electronic universal testing machine developed by our company according to the development trend and market demand of the testing machine. The following product upgrades and product innovations have been carried out in product research and development

Electricity safety and convenience

Add circuit breakers and computer and printer wiring boards. In order to change the chaos when the circuit is used, the circuit layout is more clear and clear, and the leakage protector improves the safety of electricity use.

High elastic PU spiral

The connection lines of the load cell and the external handheld controller are all high-elastic spiral telescopic wires, which can expand and contract freely, making the circuit more beautiful and more durable.

Equipment running drag system

Using 24V low voltage control, the main components are all international brand components such as Japan's Panasonic and Japan's Omron, with electrical overcurrent, overload, limit indication and other protection functions, so that the equipment is safe and reliable.

Rubber shock absorber

A high-bearing rubber shock-absorbing and leveling pad is installed on the base of the convex large supporting equipment, which plays a role in adjusting the level of the equipment and effectively reduces the vibration of the equipment during the test.

High rigidity beam and precise centering device

The middle beam is used to adjust the test space, as an important force-bearing part during loading, with front and back double convex design, high rigidity and beautiful appearance. The coaxiality adjustment device is installed in the middle beam to adjust the coaxiality of the upper and lower clamps, so that the fracture of the sample is better aligned.

Limit indicator

The mechanical touch device installed on the middle beam will light up the corresponding upper and lower limit indicator lights after touching the electronic limit to prevent the equipment from over-travel operation to protect the safety of the equipment.

Technical Specifications









Max Testing Force(KN)








Accuracy Class

Class 1/ Class 0.5

Force Measurement Range

 Standard :2%~100%FS; Optional:0.4%~100%FS

Accuracy OTest Force

within ±0.5%

Speed Accuracy

within ±0.5% set speed

Displacement Accuracy

within ±0.5%

Resolution ODisplacement


Deformation Measurement System

Standard: Gauge length 50mm,Deformation range 10mm (can be customized)

Deformation Measurement Range


Deformation Measurement Accuracy

Within ±0.5%  

Tensile Space(mm)

700 (can be customized)

Compression Space(mm)

700 (can be customized)

Test Width(mm)

Standard:360mm,400mm,520mm(can be customized)

Beam Travel Distance






Power Supply

AC220V,50Hz(can be customized)


One set of tensile compression bending test clamp(can be customized)


Various tensile compression bending test clamp can be configured according to user requirements.(can be customized)



1. English
2. Sample settings can be saved, changed and remembered
3. Examination of metal, plastic, minerals, organic and inorganic materials, fiber fabrics and textiles
4. Display of one sample curve or support for multiple curve overlays
5. Report in Excel, TXT, CSV, TAB format
6. Load displacement, deformation and real-time testing flow
7. Dynamic display
8. Device management and monitoring locally as well as remotely via a web application
9. Must be able to self-calibrate
10. Disconnect function after completion of testing

Technical specifications are subject to change without further notice. Please visit our website at for latest information.

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