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New type of compression-shear test machine processing equipment

   The latest compression-shear testing machine processing equipment can process and produce ten thousand ton compression-shear testing machines.

   The compression-shear testing machine is specially used to test the mechanical properties of finished plate rubber bearings for highway bridges.it can be used to test the compressive modulus of elasticity,shear modulus of elasticity,shear angle,ultimate compressive strength,friction coefficient,rotation angle and load test of basin rubber bearings of highway bridges.

   The host machine adopts for column structure.the beam,base and upper and lower pressing plates are all made of integral cast steel.the rigid strength and structural stability of the frame are better than those of the two column structure,which is convenient for measuring the elastic deformation of the sample. It can be used for compression modulus test,shear bond property,shear aging,friction coefficient,angle test.ultimate compressive strength test and corner test.