Paper Thickness Tester

Model: THK-01
Resolution: 0.1μm
Test Pressure: 50±1kPa
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

THK-01 Paper Thickness Tester, basing on mechanical contacting method, is applicable to thickness measurements of paper and paperboard according to relevant standards. It is suitable for single-layer or multi-layer paper and paperboard, not for corrugated paperboard. 

Technical Features

- Standard contact area and test pressure. Customization is available for non-standard testing requirements.

- Using high-precision sensor for thickness measurement, the instrument is featured with high accuracy and good reproducibility of measured results.

- Multiple test ranges can be selected

- Automatic lifting presser foot facilitates to minimize system errors caused by human factors during the test

- Embedded micro-computer chips, simplified and efficient user interface provide users with comfortable and smooth operating experience

- Manual or automatic operating mode for convenient test

- Standard, modularized and systematic designs can meet personalized requirements of the users

- Well-designed user interface for touch screen operations

- 7 inch HD LCD, displaying test data and curves in real time

- Imported high-speed and high-precision chips guarantee the testing accuracy and efficiency

- Built-in micro-printer can print the historical test data in real time

- Supports calibration and verification with standard thickness gauge.

- The standard M2.5 threaded probe can be connected to various types of dial indicators for measurement.

- Removable threaded counterweights to meet various standard requirements and non-standard pressures.

- Equipped with standard RS232 port which is convenient to PC connection and data transmission

- The maximum, minimum and average values as well as standard deviation and other statistical data can be displayed in real time, which is convenient for the data analysis


Basic Applications Paper 
Paper Board
Metal Sheets
Foils and Silicon Wafers
Textiles and Non-woven Fabrics
Solid Electrical Insulating Materials

Technical Specifications

Item THK-01
Test Range 0~2mm(Standard)
0~6mm, 0~12mm(Customization Available)
Resolution 0.1μm
Speed 1~25/min (Adjustable)
Parallelism of measuring head ±2μm (mechanical adjustment, block check)
Repeatability of data 0.3μm
Test Pressure 50±1kPa
Contact Area  (200 ± 5) mm2
Customization is available
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Instrument Dimension 300mm (L)×400 mm (W)×435mm (H)
Net Weight 30kg


GB/T 451.3, ASTM D645, ASTM D374, ASTM D1777, TAPPI T411, ISO 4593, ISO 534, ISO 3034, DIN 53105, DIN 53353, JIS K6250, JIS K6328, JIS K6783, JIS Z1702, BS 3983, BS 4817, GB/T 6672, GB/T 6547


Standard Configuration Instrument, Micro-printer, Standard Block
Optional Parts Weight

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