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Test Range: ≤6000 kPa
Print Date: Average Value, Time, Date
Test Accuracy: 1kPa
Hydraulic Speed: 170±10ml/min

PBT-3000 Paperboard Burst Tester

Brief Introduction 

Paperboard burst tester PBT-3000 is used for test bursting strength for all types of cardboard. It adopts microcomputer control, LCD display throughout the experiment, the test results are automatically printed, is a high-performance lightweight test equipment, is widely used in various inspection agencies, carton plant, etc.

Technical Features

Microcomputer processing system, PVC control panel, user-friendly

The clamping system is automatic and easy to measure ( requires air supply)

Bursting strength tester automatically determine the rupture degree, automatic back pressure, memory test results, high degree of automation

Collecting data in the microcomputer pressure values, which high operation speed

Micro-printer output, convenient fast data output

Synchronous motor drive, smooth, accurate, more accurate output pressure

Compact, elegant appearance, easy to use


Basic Application
Paper Cardboard
Non-paper Materials, such as aluminum foil, rubber, silk, cotton

Technical Specifications

Item PBT-3000
Test Range ≤6000 kPa
Test Accuracy 1kPa
Print Date Average Value, Time, Date
Indication Digital A / D value into the rate of 40 times / S
Hydraulic Speed 170±10ml/min
Specimen clamping force >690kPa
Motor 1/4HP
Dimension 500mm×450mm×520mm
Net Weight 65 kg


ISO2759, GB1539, GB/T6545


Standard Configuration Instrument, Micro-printer 
Optional Configuration Air Compression, Rubber Membrane, Calibration Sheet

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