PBT-01 Corrugated Box Compressive Strength Tester

Model: PBT-01
Test range: 10KN
Resolution: 0.1N
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Working Principle of Corrugated Box Compressive Strength Tester

Corrugated Box Compressive Strength Tester adopts a servo motor to drive the transmission system. It operates through ball screw pressure. The high-precision force sensor accurately reflects the load status of the test piece. The microcomputer system collects and processes the test parameters, and outputs and displays the test results.

Brief Introduction

Corrugated Box Compressive Strength Tester PBT-01 is designed for compression and stacking test for pack aging containers, anti-corrugated boxes, paper tube, paper tubes, plastic containers etc. Box compression tester have several test modes including compressive strength test, fixed value test, stacking test etc.

Calculation method of carton compression strength

The strength standard of corrugated boxes, GB6543 national standard Appendix A stipulates: the compression strength value P of corrugated boxes should not be less than the value calculated by the following formula: P=K·G(H-h/h·s)(kgf/cm2)

In the formula: K- factor of strength insurance;

G-Weight of cargo in corrugated box, kgf

H-stacking height, cm

h-box height, cm

S-box bottom area cm2

This formula can be simplified in practice as: P=K·G(n-1)

In the formula: n-stacking layer number

K-according to the storage time

<30 days 1.6, 30-100 days 1.65, more than 100 days 2

But some data set it as 3, so the safety factor is greater

If a certain instant noodle box has a gross weight of 3.5kg and a stack of 16 layers, the strength (pressure resistance, the same below) standard of the corrugated box should be:




Technical Features

- Microcomputer processing system, PVC control panel, user-friendly 

- Uses two precision lead screw and four precision-guided, to ensure the stability of the testing process, the upper and lower platen parallelism, high-speed transmission equipment 

- Carton compression tester with display, memory, statistics, print and display functions in real-time compression curve 

- During the test, the real-time display of anti-stress, deformation of other information 

- Carton compression tester with high-speed, high-precision positioning servo motor control technology imports to positioning accuracy, fast response speed 

- Data processing, statistical results can be directly obtained the data 

- With automatic reset and fault diagnosis function, easy operation 

- The latest software with real-time display compression curve function; the instrument has a powerful data management and analysis capabilities, data storage function


Basic Application Cartons
Paper tubes
Oil drums
Oil barrels

Technical Specifications

Item PBT-01
Test Range 10KN
Test Size 600*800*800 mm, 800*1000*1000, 1000*1200*1200
Indication Accuracy ±1%
Resolution 0.1N
Compression Speed 10±3 mm/min Adjustable (Stacking: 5±1mm/min)
Deformation Error ≤±1mm
Platen Parallelism ≤1mm
Unite Swap N/Lbf/Kgf


ISO2874, GB/T 4857.3, GB4857.4


Standard Configuration Instrument, Micro-printer 

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