Plywood Tensile compression bending internal Bonding Universal test Machine

Accuracy Class: Class 1/ Class 0.5
Resolution Of Displacement: 0.001mm
Accuracy Of Test Force: within ±0.5%
Resolution Of Displacement: 0.001mm


MWD Microcomputer controlled plywood universal testing machine is suitable for testing various mechanical performance of various plywood, particle board, medium density board and other boards; it can realize the determination of internal bonding strength, bonding strength, static bending strength, elastic modulus, screw force, and surface bonding strength Conventional data such as various tests.

Configuration introduction

  1. -Host structure: adopts aluminum alloy cover door structure, with smooth lines and beautiful appearance
  2. -Test accessories: The test process is highly automated and dozens of different fixtures can meet various materials.
  3. -Dust cover:Partition dust to increase product life.
  4. -Test force measurement: Equipped with high-precision, high-stability tension and compression sensors. Multiple load cells can be
  5. configured to meet different requirements.
  6. -Control switch: Emergency stop switch, motor on, motor off

Technical Specifications

Item MWD-10 MWD -20 MWD -50 MWD -100
Max Testing Force(KN) 10 20 50 100
Accuracy Class Class 1/ Class 0.5
Force Measurement Range 2%~100%FS
Force Accuracy
Better than indication value ±1%
Resolution ODisplacement
Displacement Accuracy Better than indication value ±1%
Effective Travel
Standard: 650mm (can be customized)
Test Accessories

Surface bonding strength fixture

Internal bond strength fixture

Static bending strength fixture

Elastic modulus fixture

Screw holding force fixture

Test Features

Microcomputer control

Liquid crystal or microcomputer synchronous display of test force, deformation, displacement, curve, etc

Test software can be used for data processing, analysis, printing reports, etc


Large LCD display system

Imported AC servo motor

High-precision load sensor

Precision ball screw

Dimension Standard:670mm*455mm*1750mm
Weight 280 kg
Power Supply AC220V,50Hz(can be customized)

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