Protective clothing synthetic blood penetration resistance tester

Model: BPT-02
Press Range: 0~0.04MPa
Accuracy: ±1kPa
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

Protective clothing synthetic blood penetration resistance tester BPT-02 is suitable for the resistance of protective clothing to penetration of synthetic blood under different levels of test pressure.

Key parts of protective clothing’s critical area: left and right front flaps, left and right arms and back positions of protective clothing.

                  Anti-synthetic blood penetration classification


Pressure (kPa)













a It means that all the pressure of the material is only the pressure generated by the synthetic blood in the test tank.

Sample preparation for Protective clothing synthetic blood penetration resistance test :

-Take 3 pieces of 75 mm x 75 mm test samples randomly on each protective sample.

-When testing composite or multilayer materials, the edges should be sealed. Reserve an area with a diameter greater than 57mm for testing.

Technical Specifications

Item BPT-02
Press Range 0~0.04MPa
Accuracy ±1kPa
Blocking Screen Opening Rate >50%
Clamp Torque 13.5N.m
Specimen Size 75mm×75mm
Pressure Area 28.26 cm²
Pressure Point 1.75kPa, 3.5kPa, 7kPa, 14kPa, 20kPa
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Net Weight 50 kg

Technical Features

- 7 inch color HD touch screen for easy use

- Uses an air source that can provide (20±1) kPa air pressure to continuously pressurize the sample without being restricted by the space of the test site

- Using high-precision pressure sensor, the test result is more accurate

- Use pressurized medium: compressed air

- The special stainless steel penetrating test tank guarantees a firm grip on the sample and prevents synthetic blood from splashing around

- Square metal blocking net: open space ≥50%; bending ≤5mm under 14kPa.

- The test time will be accurately displayed on the screen

- Equipped with a clamp that can generate 13.5N·m torque.

- Equipped with micro-printer for printing test results in real time


ASTM F 1670, ASTM F 1671, ISO 16603:2004, GB19082, YY/T 0700

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