PST-01 Softness Tester

Model: PST-01
Test range: 10~1000mN
Resolution: 1mN
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

PST-01 Softness Tester is designed according to Tapppi T498 and GB/T 8942 standard. Mainly used to tissue paper, toilet paper and other disposable paper. It is also used tobacco, toweling, textile and so on.

HTT-01 Hot Tack Tester is applicable in hot tack and heat seal performance tests for plastic films, laminated films and other packaging materials. It is applicable in peel test, tensile at break test, and other tests for adhesives, adhesive tapes, laminated films, plastic films, paper and other flexible materials.

Technical Features

- Large LCD touch screen display, the entire experimental curves show at a glance

- High-performance microcomputer, high-precision sensor

- Microcomputer processing system, user-friendly

- Micro-printer output, to facilitate rapid data output

- Can choose different test gap according to different standards, selectable fast measurement mode

- Results have statistical functions, user-friendly evaluation


Basic Applications Toilet Paper
Tobacco Sheet
Non-woven Fabrics

Technical Specifications

Item PST-01
Test range 10~1000mN
Resolution 1mN
Indication Error ±1%(Below full scale's 20%,the error allowed > 1mN)
lndication Repeat Error <3%(Below full scale's 20%,the error allowed > 1mN)
Test Speed 1.2mm/s
Probe Indentation Depth 8±0.5mm
Platform Slit Width 5mm,6.35 mm,10 mm, 20 mm (士0.05mm)
Sample Size 100*100mm
Instrument Dimension 230 mm (L) × 300 mm (W) × 280 mm (H)
Net Weight 12kg 


ASTM D 2923, TAPPI T 498, IST 90-3

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