Steel wire rope horizontal tensile test machine

Maximum test force: 5000kn
Test force measurement range: 2% - 100%
Test resolution: 1 / 200000
Tensile stroke (mm): 0~700mm


Steel wire rope horizontal tensile test machine is mainly used for tension test of long materials, like steel wire rope, wire rope sling, shackle, webbing sling, cable, nylon rope, chain, etc.


ASTM E4, ISO7500-1 etc.

Technical Features

- Adopts hydraulic cylinder to load, high precision load cell to measure testing force, photoelectric encoder to measure displacement, computer control, proof load and break load test, testing space and piston stroke can OEM.

- composed of main engine (frame structure), fixed beam, movable beam, loading cylinder, relevant test software and other necessary accessories.

- Safety protection device: 

a) When the test force exceeds 2% - 5% of the maximum test force of each gear, overload protection and shutdown are carried out.

b) When the piston rises to the upper limit position, the stroke protection and the oil pump motor stop. 

c) Hydraulic oil system overload, overpressure, overheating, overflow protection; 

d) Automatic shutdown protection after test;

Installation Conditions 

1. Temperature within the range 0℃~50℃

2. Relative humidity lower than 95%

3. Noise level 25 DB

4. In an environment without obvious magnetic interference and surrounding non-corrosive media

5. In a shock-free, vibration-free environment

6. Leave space not less than 0.7m around the tester, clean and dust-free work environment

7. The base and rack are properly installed on a solid level base

Technical Specifications

Item WAW-5000L
Test machine level 1 grade
Maximum test force (KN) 5000kn
Test force measurement range 2% - 100% of the maximum test force
Relative error of indication value of test force ≤ 1% of indication value
Test resolution the maximum test force 1 / 200000
Relative error of displacement indication ≤ 1% of indication value
Displacement resolution (mm) 0.01
Adjustment range of displacement rate (mm / min) 0.005-50
Relative error of displacement rate indication ±0.5%of indication value
Equipment height (mm) 1000
Tensile stroke (mm) 0~700mm
Test space 4000mm
Fixture connection mode bolt structure connection is adopted
Control mode computer control to achieve data processing
Power supply AC380V ± 10%
Working environment room temperature 10 ℃~ 35 ℃, humidity 20% ~ 80%
The space adjustment mode of moving crossbeam manual push adjustment and bolt type fixation are adopted.
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