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Item: BPT-01
Press Range: 0~0.04MPa
Accuracy: ±1kPa
Nozzle Diameter: 0.84mm

Brief Introduction 

Medical Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester BPT-01 is used to test the particle filtering efficiency of daily protective masks, medical masks and respirators. 

Technical Features

- 7 inch color HD touch screen for easy use

- The convex sample fixing device can simulate the actual use state of the mask

- Leaves the target area of the test without damaging the sample and allows synthetic blood to be distributed to the target area of the sample

- The test tank is equipped with a special fixing device, which is convenient for customers to operate

- Equipped with an automatic sample clamping device, without manual clamping

- Special constant pressure injection device, which can inject a certain volume of synthetic blood in a controlled time

- Can fully simulate the average human blood pressure 10.6kPa, 16kPa, 21.3kPa corresponding to the injection speed for testing

- Professional software program design can be used to judge whether the experimental results are qualified

- Equipped with micro-printer for printing test results in real time

- Equipped with a target plate, which can block the high-pressure edge part of the jetted liquid flow, and only let the steady-state flow part jet onto the sample, which increases the accuracy and repeatability of the liquid velocity jetted onto the sample

- With a powerful data storage function, which can store up to 50,000 test records

- Equipped with micro-printer and standard RS232 interface, which is convenient to data output and transmission

- Over voltage protection and power-down memory ensure the operating safety

- GMP "computerized system" test software is available, with user management, rights management, data audit tracking and other functions (Optional)


Basic Application Face mask Suitable for synthetic blood penetration testing of medical protective masks, medical surgical masks, ordinary medical masks, etc.

Technical Specifications

Item BPT-01
Press Range 0~0.04MPa
Accuracy ±1kPa
Spraying Distance 300mm~305mm (adjustable)
Nozzle Diameter 0.84mm
Specimen Size 75mm×75mm
Pressure Area 28.26 cm²
Spraying Speed 450cm/s,550cm/s,635cm/s
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Net Weight 30 kg


ASTM F 1862-07, GB 19083, YY/T0691, YY0469, ISO 22609


Standard Configuration Instrument, Micro-printer

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