The working principle and application of bottle cap torque tester

Some beverage bottle caps are more difficult to open, a large part of the reason is that the locking force and opening force of the beverage bottle caps fail to pass the test. Therefore, for packaging containers with lids, to ensure the integrity of the packaging, the cap torque is one of the important physical performance testing items for manufacturers.

The cap torque test can use the bottle cap torque tester DTT-01 developed and produced by HORIZON, also known as digital cap torque tester, manual cap torque tester. The following will introduce the use and detection principle of the product to facilitate customers' purchase.

high precision bottle cap torque tester

Test principle:

The specimen is clamped on a fixed plate to open or lock the specimen manually, and the torque applied to the specimen is collected by a sensor connected to the fixed plate to obtain the opening or locking force of the specimen.


Bottle cap torque tester can be used to test the torque value of locking and opening the caps of packaging products such as medicinal plastic bottles, oral solid bottles, medicinal plastic bottles, oral solid bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, non-steam mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc. This equipment comes with powerful data storage function, which can store more than 50,000 data.

As a common container for food and drug packaging, risks that affect the integrity of the packaging are everywhere. Therefore, correct understanding and accurate grasp of bottle cap torque are the focus of the manufacturer's supervision work. The key to quality control is to be good at detecting risks.

There is another designs named automatic cap torque tester DTT-02, which is a combination of torque test and automatic manipulator. It is suitable for bottle cap locking and opening torque values of bottled packaging products, nozzle packaging products, and tube packaging products. It is used to measure the locking and opening torque values of bottled products. Large and small dedicated automatic instrument.

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