Thermal Shock Resistance Tester of glass bottles

Measuring Range: 0~60℃
Temperature Accuracy: ±1℃
Cage Lifting Time: (10±2) s
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

Thermal Shock Resistance Tester of Glass Bottles TSR-02 is used for the thermal shock resistance test for all kinds of glass bottle like beer bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, infusion bottle, bottle of antibiotics etc. 

Technical Features

-5-inch color LCD display, high-definition display effect

-The test stop function is equipped with high-quality metal buttons, which is more convenient and quick to use;

-High-precision DC motor controls the rotating movement of the basket, quiet operation, smooth transmission

-The system is equipped with automatic positioning function, one-key operation

-Equipped with an automatic return program, the lifting system automatically returns after the test is completed

-With leakage protection device, safe and reliable performance

-Hot and cold water respectively automatic cycle, with double window thermostat, easy to operate

-Open basket structure, smooth sliding, precise positioning, convenient for loading samples

-Equipped with micro-printer to print test result fast

-Standard RS232 data communication interface, which is convenient to PC connection and data transmission

-High-sensitivity operation indicator to ensure accurate test judgment


Test Principle

Setting temperature for high temperature tank and low temperature tank to make it reach preset temperature difference. A certain number of specimens in high temperature tank after high temperature heating, quickly placed into the low temperature tank, observe sample breakage.


Basic Application

Glass Bottles

Beverage Bottles

Infusion Bottles

Antibiotics Bottles

Technical Specifications




Difference Measuring Range


Temperature Control Accuracy



                 High temperature tank: 46L                  

Low temperature tank: 64L

Cage Lifting Time

(10±2) s

Soaking Time

15min (Hot water tank)

30s (Cold water tank)


Power Supply

AC 220V 50Hz/120V 60Hz

Instrument Dimension


Net Weight




ASTM C149-86, ISO/TC 63, ISO 7459:2004, BS EN 1183:1997, BS EN ISO7459, ISO/IEC 17025:2005




Standard Configuration

Instrument, Bottle Basket

Technical specifications are subject to change without further notice. Please visit our website at for latest information.

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