TQD-1 Air Permeability Tester

Model: TQD-1
Test Range of Pressure: 0 ~ 1000 Pa
Test Range of Flux: 0 ~ 30 L/mins
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

Air permeability tester TQD-1 is professionally designed for the determination of air permeability of decorating materials used in cars, separation membrane, sponge,carpet,non-woven fabric, leather,PVC,textiles and other materials. Through the test, physical characteristics of  materials could be controlled to meet practical application requirements.

Technical Features

- This instrument is designed according to the standard requirements of global automakers

- 2 test modes are available for customers: fix pressure difference to test flux and fix flux to test pressure difference

- High precision sensors of electronic airflow and air pressure to ensure the accuracy of test data

- Embedded high-speed microcomputer chip control, simple and efficient human-computer interaction interface, providing users with a comfortable and smooth operating experience

- Standardization, modularization, and serialization design concepts can meet the individual needs of users to the greatest extent

- 7 inch high-definition color LCD touch screen, UI interface, real-time display of test data

- Imported high-speed and high-precision sampling chip, effectively guaranteeing test accuracy and real-time performance

- Overvoltage safety protection design

- Equipped with micro-printer and standard RS232 port for easy connection with PC and data transfer

Test Principle

Method A

Providing a constant air flux going through the specimen vertically, the air permeability could be obtained by measuring the pressure difference.

Method B

Providing the constant pressure difference between two sides of the specimen, the air permeability could be obtained by measuring the air flux through specific area in the certain time.


Basic Applications Decorating Articles of Cars Test the air permeability of car decorating materials, e.g. polyurethane, PVC, leather, textiles and nonwovens materials
Elastic and Porous Polymer Materials Test the air permeability of elastic and porous polymer materials, e.g. sponges
Textiles Test the air permeability of textiles, e.g. cloth and nonwovens
Leather Test the air permeability of leather
Paper Test the air permeability of paper materials, e.g. daily removable tissue and toilet rolls

Technical Specifications

Item TQD-01
Test Range of Pressure 0 ~ 1000 Pa
Test Range of Flux 0 ~ 30 L/min
Specimen Size Method A: 52 mm x 52 mmMethod B:Φ12 mm ≤ D(diameter) ≤ Φ71 mm
Port Size Φ8 mm PU Tubing
Instrument Dimension 502 mm (L) × 334mm (W) × 298 mm (H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz / AC 120V 60HZ
Net Weight 26 kg


ISO 9237, ISO 4638, ISO 5636, GB/T 10655, GB/T 5453, GB/T 4689.22, GB/T 13764, ASTM D737, TAPPI T460, JIS P8117


Standard Configuration Instrument, Micro-printer, Grips
Optional Parts Professional Software, Communication Cable and Customized Grips

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