Ultra High Frequency Universal Fatigue testing Machine

Static force error: ≤±0.5%
Dynamic force error: ≤±0.2%
Maximum amplitude: 5mm or 2mm
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Ultra high frequency universal fatigue testing machine is a new generation of testing machine developed by horizontester according to the requirements of domestic and foreign customers following the progress of world science andtechnology. The equipment has the functions of electromagnetic high frequency fatigue testing machine, electronic universaltesting machine and vibration table.First of all, it has all the characteristics of electromagnetic high-frequency fatigue testing machine, but in structure, it adopts unique double four column high stiffness frame, built-in electromagnetic excitationsystem, filled with non-metallic damping materials.The working frequency breaks through the traditional high-frequency limit of 300Hz and is expected to reach above 450hz, which can save half of the working time. The stroke can meet the test requirements of large deformation specimen,chain and wire rope High frequency fatigue test can be carried out. Secondly,the function of electronic universal testing machine is added to the equipment. Without changing the structure, the working mode of electronic universal testing machine can be simply switched. Third, the equipment only needs to install one accessory to switch to the shaking table working mode. Fourth, in terms of electrical control and software, it has absorbed the advantages of relevant machines at home and abroad, which makes it easy to use, easy to operate and powerful.


Model XGGA20 XGGA50 XGGA100 XGGA200 XGGA500 XGGA1000 XGGA2000
Dynamic test force ±10kN ±25kN ±50kN ±100kN ±250kN ±500kN ±1000kN
Amplitude of 20kN 50kN 100kN 200kN 500kN 1000kN 2000kN
Unidirectional force
Static force error ≤±0.5%
Dynamic force error ≤±0.2%
Range of Frequency 50Hz~1000Hz 50Hz~450Hz 30Hz~400Hz
stroke 700mm 800mm 1000mm
Maximum amplitude 5mm 2mm
Power 380V,1KW 380V,1KW 380V,3KW 380V,5KW 380V,11KW
Size(mm) 800*600*2000 1070*760*2260 1270*920*3000 1500*1100*3500
Weigh(kg) 2000 2600 3300 3800 8200 11000 15000

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