WAW-2000D electro-hydraulic servo compression testing machine

Net weight: about 1.85T
Maximum test force: 2000 (kN)
Motor power: 1.1 (KW)
Device host size: 680*820*1800mm


The computer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo compression testing machine is mainly used for the compression test of metal, non-metal, such as concrete, cement, masonry and other specimens. It is suitable for construction, building materials, highways, bridges, mines and other engineering construction units.

Working Conditions

In the range of room temperature 10-30℃

Install horizontally on a stable base

In a non-vibration, non-corrosive medium, and non-dust environment

Power supply voltage 380V

Specifications And Technical Parameters

1. Maximum test force: 2000 (kN)

2. Testing machine accuracy level: 1 (level)

3. The maximum distance between the upper and lower pressing plates: 400 (mm)

4. The maximum selection range of the piston: 100  (mm)

5. Loading rate error: ≤±1

6. Upper pressure plate specification: 375*400 (mm)

7. Lower plate specification: 375*400 (mm)

8. Motor power: 1.1 (KW)

9. Device host size: 680*820*1800mm;

10. Oil source control cabinet size: 1260*950*1050mm

11. Net weight: about 1.85T


1. Low noise, below 50 decibels under the highest working load, basically silent.

2. Pressure follower is 70% more energy efficient than conventional equipment.

3. The control precision is high, and the control precision can reach one ten thousandth. (Normal is five thousandths)

4. No control dead zone, starting control point can reach 1%.

5. The oil circuit is highly integrated, with few leakage points.


1. The working voltage of the computer and controller is 380v±10%, if the fluctuation is large, please configure a voltage stabilizer or UPS

     Power supply (≥500w).

2. Relative humidity of working environment: <80%, temperature: -10~40℃, no corrosive gas.

3. The computer and the testing machine should be grounded reliably, the connection with the controller should be fixed, and the fastening screws should not be loose.

4. Always maintain environmental sanitation, take good care of the control equipment, and do not vibrate or stress.

  This system and computer are dedicated equipment for testing machines. Do not install games or use them for other purposes.

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