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What is the 3D measuring arms?

The 3D measuring arm is an articulated arm type 3D laser coordinate measuring instrument. It is an advanced portable measuring system, which is widely used in automotive vehicles and parts, molds, aerospace, shipbuilding, steam turbines, heavy machinery and other machining industries. 

 The articulated arm type 3D laser coordinate measuring instrument has the advantages of reliability, accuracy and flexibility.

A variety of sizes are available: the diameter range is 1.8m to 9.0m. According to the length of different articulated arms, the accuracy range from 0.019mm-0.2mm.

Application areas:

-Product size inspection, adopt reverse method to realize design plan, and archive parts without design prototype or drawings.

-There are no special requirements for the environment, and it can be used for online inspection in the production workshop to detect product quality problems in time and reduce the scrap rate.

-Carry out 100% online inspection of products and obtain timely data of the product manufacturing process for management optimization and risk control.