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What is the compression shear testing machine?

Compression shear testing machine is the advanced testing equipment required for scientific research and production, arbitration and inspection, mainly used in the composite conditions of compression, shear resistance, axial, radial compression, shear resistance, corner mechanical test of various bridge plate, basin type rubber bearing.

  Also can carry out the rubber bearing compressive modulus of elasticity, shear modulus of elasticity, allowable shear angle, friction coefficient and ultimate compressive strength and other mechanical performance tests, as well as concrete and other materials specimens of modulus of elasticity and compression performance testing, and can complete the low cycle, triangle wave, sine wave, trapezoidal wave and other combinations of waveform test.

The YJW-20000 microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo compression shear testing machine produced by HORIZONTESTER adopts the upper cylinder type and four-column structure, with high rigidity and strength of the frame, small deformation, and meets the testing requirements of highway and railway bridge plate, basin and spherical bearings , The test space is steplessly adjustable, which is convenient for different height test requirements. Adopt self-developed proprietary multi-channel closed-loop coordinated loading electro-hydraulic servo control system, microcomputer control and coordinate multi-level hydraulic loading, continuous loading and stability, multi-level test force maintenance, automatic collection and storage of data, drawing curves, and automatic printing of test reports. The computer controls the test process in time, displays the test force and test curve, and the operation is simple and reliable.

2.Type of test

This machine is used to test the mechanical properties of the finished product of highway bridge rubber bearings. Can respectively be:

2.1 Plate support

  1. Compressive elasticity modulus test          
  2. Ultimate compressive strength test          
  3. Shear modulus test          
  4. Shear bonding performance test          
  5. Shear aging test          
  6. Friction coefficient test          
  7. Allowable angle test          

2.2 Basin support

Vertical bearing capacity test of finished support          

Friction coefficient test of finished bearing          

Rotation test of finished product support          

2.3 Spherical steel support

Vertical bearing capacity test of finished support          

Friction factor test of finished support          

Determination of the rotational torque of the finished product support