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What is the pull-off adhesion tester?

The fully automatic pull-off adhesion tester is a new type of testing instrument newly developed. It is suitable for testing the bonding strength of thermal insulation materials on the walls of construction projects and the bonding strength of exterior wall facing bricks, various boards, paints and other materials.

The pull-off tester adopts a mechatronics design, and the whole set of instruments is a whole. The mechanical parts including motor drive, sensor, lead screw, reaction force support, etc. form a "door" type structure. At the same time, the measurement display circuit is embedded in the instrument, and the data can be directly observed. The detector has the characteristics of light weight, fully automatic operation, and convenient use.

Product characteristics

1) Integrated design, embedded measurement and display circuit

2) Lithium battery power supply, convenient for outdoor use

3) Automatic test and type breaking judgment, easy to use

4) Peak hold function, easy to record data

5) Multi-point force value correction, the data is more accurate

6) The meter adopts touch screen design, the display is clear, the touch screen operation is simple and easy to use

7) High-precision sensor, with an accuracy of 0.5% FS


1. Turn on the device: After turning on the power of the device, warm up for 20 minutes.

2. Experiment parameter setting: Click the setting button, click the experiment setting, and set the parameters for breaking judgment and contact judgment.

3. Test speed setting: set test speed and return speed.

4. Load reset: When the sensor remains in a free state, click the reset button to reset the force.

5. Install the sample: stand the device on the wall and move it up and down to adjust the position of the joint and connect it to the drawing block.

6. Displacement reset: Click the displacement reset button to reset the displacement.

7. Start the test: Click the start button to start the test, and the test will automatically stop after the sample is broken.