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What is Ventilation resistance, Differential Pressure of face mask?

The YY0469-2013 standard for disposable medical masks stipulates that the airflow resistance of medical masks refers to the resistance of the mask under a specified area and a specified flow rate, expressed as a pressure difference. The unit is Pa. The ventilation resistance of the gas exchange on both sides of the mask should not be greater than 49Pa/c㎡

Method for testing ventilation resistance of medical masks:

1. Randomly select 3 samples for testing.

2. Test site: Take the center of the mask for testing.

3. Test process: The gas flow rate for test needs to be adjusted to (8±0.2) L/min, the diameter of the sample test area is 25mm, and the test area of the test sample is A. Use pressure difference or equivalent equipment to measure the pressure difference on both sides of the mask, and calculate the ventilation resistance according to the formula. The results should meet the relevant regulations.

YY0469-2011 “Technical Requirements for Medical Surgical Masks” stipulates that the pressure difference (△P) of medical surgical masks is the pressure difference between the two sides of the mask for gas exchange △P should not be greater than 49Pa.

Test plan for pressure differential of medical surgical mask:

Number of samples: 5 samples are used for testing.

Test process: The test gas flow rate needs to be adjusted to 8L/min, the diameter of the sample test area is 25mm, and the test area is 4.9c㎡. Calculate the pressure difference (△P) according to the relevant formula, and the calculation report is the pressure difference per square centimeter area, which should meet the relevant regulations.

mask ventilation resistance and differential pressure tester

What testing instrument is used to test the ventilation resistance of the mask and the pressure differential of the mask?

Jinan Horizon implements YY/T 0969-2013 disposable medical masks, YY 0469-2011 medical surgical masks and other standards to develop and produce medical mask gas exchange pressure difference tester TQD-02 testing instrument used to determine the ventilation of masks under specified conditions Resistance and pressure difference, it is also called a medical mask ventilation resistance tester, medical surgical mask pressure differential tester, mask gas exchange pressure differential tester.

The operation method for detecting the ventilation resistance and pressure differential of the mask is as follows:


1. Power-on preparation: power on the instrument to preheat in a standard test environment, the preheating time is at least 30 minutes. If the preheating time is less than 30 minutes, it will affect the test results

2. Sample preparation: Take a certain sample to be tested, and the quantity is generally not less than 5. Visually inspect the sample, the sample should have no obvious defects

3. Preparation before the test: connect the air source, the air source pressure is not less than 0.6MPa

4. Perform the test: set the test and test flow; place the sample; start the test; when the test is over, the system automatically judges the test result and displays the pass/fail;

5. Perform the next set of sample tests: if you need to continue testing, repeat the above experimental steps

6. End of test: After the test, return to the main page. Turn off the power and air source on the device, and cover with a dust-proof cloth. The dust-proof cloth should be kept neat and clean without dust

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