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Why use the fatigue testing machine?


The fatigue testing machine is characterized by high load, high frequency and low consumption, thereby shortening the test time and reducing the test cost.

The fatigue testing machine is used to determine the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, and fatigue life of metals, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) Pre-crack and crack growth test. After being equipped with corresponding test fixtures, the high frequency fatigue testing machine can perform three-point bending test, four-point bending test, thin plate tensile test, thick plate tensile test, reinforced steel bar tensile test, chain tensile test under sinusoidal Test, fixed connection test, connecting rod test, torsion fatigue test, combined bending and torsion fatigue test, interactive bending fatigue test, CT test, CCT test, gear fatigue test, etc.


According to the test frequency, it can be divided into diagnostic fatigue testing machine, intermediate frequency fatigue testing machine, high frequency fatigue testing machine, and ultra high frequency fatigue testing machine. The frequency lower than 30Hz is called fatigue testing machine, the frequency of 30-100Hz is called intermediate frequency fatigue testing machine, the frequency of 100-300Hz is called high frequency fatigue testing machine, and the frequency above 300Hz is called UHF fatigue testing machine. The acoustic type is ultra-high frequency.

Composite materials cannot use electromagnetic high-frequency fatigue testing machines for fatigue testing, because electromagnetic type is driven by the principle of electromagnetic resonance, which is related to certain rigidity, so composite materials can only be driven by a motor for fatigue testing.

The fatigue testing machine produced at present is widely used in the testing of high-precision fields such as aerospace, high-speed rail, etc.

working principle

The high-frequency fatigue testing machine works according to the principle of electromagnetic resonance and relies on the vibration of the electromagnet to apply the load. It is the first choice for a relatively large load of 20KN-300KN and a frequency of 80-250Hz for a short test time. The frequency needs to be adjusted, and the frequency is fixed in several gears. According to the feedback of the user, the frequency adjustment operation is more troublesome.

The low-frequency fatigue testing machine works according to the principle of electro-hydraulic servo, relying on the reciprocating motion of the hydraulic cylinder to apply the load. The high load is 5KN-1000KN and the low frequency 0-10Hz is the first choice. Generally, it is recommended to use around 10Hz. Higher frequencies are for hydraulic servos. The frictional damage of valves, sealing rings and other parts is too large, and the subsequent maintenance cost is too high. It is not recommended to use a higher frequency. If you do not consider the maintenance cost, it is also possible to use 20Hz and 30Hz, but the life of the hydraulic fatigue testing machine will be greatly affected.

Motor-driven fatigue testing machine According to the relationship between electric field and magnetic field, Mi Liguang International Trade Co., Ltd. uses the back and forth movement of the magnetic field to realize the reciprocating motion to apply the load. It is the first choice for small load 20N-30KN, high frequency 0-100Hz, and the frequency can be set at will . It is the first choice for small loads and medium frequencies.

Development trend

More humane

In the future, the development of fatigue testing machines will be more humane. From equipment conception to design to production to sales and then to our users, every step is based on humanity as the first consideration. It can be better and more convenient for us to use, for example, ergonomic equipment design and so on.

More intelligent

The fatigue testing machine will be more intelligent in the future development. For example, it can intelligently turn on and intelligently shut down, and intelligently automatically grab samples, transmit and compare data in real time during the test, and then intelligently remove the sample to save the test data after the test And then grab another sample to be tested.

More functional

There are many types of testing machines, but one type of testing machine can only do one type of test. Although there is a universal testing machine on the market, it is really universal. I don’t think it is necessary, so in the future the development of fatigue testing machine In, testing machine functions will also be integrated, one testing machine can do several types of tests, truly "universal". The development of science and technology can promote the development of testing machines, and fatigue testing machines will also be more humanized, intelligent and functional.