WT-01 Whiteness Tester

Model: WT-01
Zero drift: ≤0.1
Indication Drift: ≤0.1
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

WT-01 Whiteness Tester is designed to determine power whiteness of inorganic chemicals products for the quality control (QC) and research and development (R&D). Kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc, barite, activated clay, titanium dioxide, barium sulfate, magnesium oxide, flour, cement, pigment, etc. 

Technical Features

- Determination of ISO whiteness (ISO Brightness, named R457 whiteness);also can be used to measure fluorescent whitening degree produced by fluorescent substance emission for  fluorescent whitening sample

- Whiteness tester measured brightness stimulus value Y10

- With power-off protection function to protect data

- Two test hole diameters φ30mm and φ19mm , with light absorber to eliminate t

- In line with GB 3978-83: Standard Illumination and lighting conditions of observation

- Peak wavelength spectral power distribution of the optical system R457 whiteness 457nm, 44nm FWHM

- Determination of opacity

- Determination of transparency

- Determination of light scattering and absorption coefficients

- Determination of ink absorption value


Basic Applications paper

Technical Specifications

Item WT-01
Zero drift ≤0.1
Indication Drift ≤0.1
Indicator Error ≤0.5
Repeatability Error ≤0.1
Specular Reflection Error ≤0.1
Instrument Dimension 370 mm (L) × 270 mm (W) × 390 mm (H)
Net Weight 11kg 


ISO2470, GB7973, GB7974, GB13025.2, GB8940.2, GB1840, GB2913, GB1543-88, ISO 2471, GB10339-89, GB T/5950


Standard Configuration Instrument, whiteboard, black tube

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