Auto Micro-force Value Tester Seller

Load Cell Capacity: 5N/10N
Testing Accuracy: 0.1% FS
Accuracy of Speed: ±1%
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

TST-S Auto Micro-force Value Tester is used for determine small force peel strength for all kinds of adhesive composite products including mobile phone touch screen, film, paint coating, release paper, protective film etc.

Technical Features

- 0.1% of full scale effectively ensures accuracy and repeatability of test results

- The crossbeam is composed of three guide bars and graphite self-lubricating sleeve, which can ensure the linear movement of the crossbeam

- Equipped with advanced displacement control system, displacement accuracy can reach 0.1mm

- With Panasonic's advanced servo drive system, which can achieve infinitely variable speed and wider test speed range to meet the user's needs for different test conditions.

- 11.6 inch PAD with intelligent data processing functions, providing users with a comfortable and smooth operating experience

- Equipped with a handheld control box for auxiliary operation, which makes the test more convenient

- 5N, 10N load cell meet various small force value test requirements 

- Provide professional small force test fixtures to meet customers' various requirements for small force test

Security Configuration

- Intelligent designs of over-travel protection, overload protection, automatic position reset and power failure memory for safe test operation

- Equipped with UL-certified imported Schneider emergency stop button to maximize the safety of man and machine during the test

- Timely monitoring of the system status to ensure that the equipment is always in the best operating state

Professional software

- Concise and intuitive operation interface, convenient user-defined test functions, and complete data analysis and reporting functions

- Built-in test file standard library, conforms to various international test methods

- Provide historical data backup management function, which can conduct diversified analysis of historical test data

- Equipped with standard RS232 interface, which is convenient to PC connection and data transmission

- Unique features such as constant elongation stress, elastic modulus, yield strength, bending test, timing constant force positioning shift test, interval selection point, etc.

- Real-time display of force-displacement, force-time, displacement-time, stress-strain and other curves, automatic calculation of maximum force, yield force, average force, maximum deformation, yield point, elastic modulus and other parameters, built-in powerful unit conversion program, Users can customize various domestic and foreign units, which is conducive to scientific research

- The software data is traceable, which can realize functions such as multi-level authority management, audit trail, electronic signature, etc., which meets the requirements of GMP (optional)

- Provide professional customization services to meet the individual needs of users in fixtures, software, etc.

- Free software upgrade service for life


Basic Application
Release force of release paper 
Peel strength of self-adhesive bandage 
Small force peel strength of mobile phone touch screen
Peel strength of protective film

Technical Specifications

Item TST-S
Load Cell Capacity 5N/10N
Testing Accuracy 0.1% FS
No. of Load Cell 1
Drive System Imported Panasonic servo drive system
Speed of Crossbeam 0.05~500 mm/min
(Continuously adjustable, software setting)
Accuracy of Speed ±1%
Maximum Stroke 600mm
Displacement Accuracy ±1%
Number of Specimens 1
Specimen Width 30mm
Clamping Way manual
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz/120V 60Hz
Instrument Dimension 480mm(L)×480mm(W)×1100mm(H)
Net Weight 50kg


ISO 37, ASTM E4, ASTM D882, ASTM D1938, ASTM D3330, ASTM F88, ASTM F904, GB 8808, GB/T 1040.1-2006, GB/T 1040.2-2006, GB/T 1040.3-2006, GB/T 1040.4-2006, GB/T 1040.5-2008, GB/T 4850-2002, GB/T 12914-2008, GB/T 17200, GB/T 16578.1-2008, GB/T 7122, GB/T 2790, GB/T 2791, GB/T 2792, GB/T 17590, JIS P8113, QB/T 2358, QB/T 1130


Item Info
Standard Configuration Instrument, Universal Grips
Optional Parts Non-standard Sample Grips (customization available)

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