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Function description and precautions of plastic tensile testing machine

The plastic tensile testing machine adopts the integrated structure of the brand high-performance motor and its drive system to drive the synchronous belt deceleration system. After deceleration, the screw pair is driven to load. The electrical part consists of a load measurement system and a deformation measurement system. Let me introduce to you the functional description and precautions of the plastic tensile testing machine.


Function description of plastic tensile testing machine.

1. Automatic calibration: the system can automatically achieve the calibration of the accuracy of the indication.

2. The force value corresponding to the displacement can be automatically calculated in the experiment.

3. Complete functions: able to perform tensile, compression, bending, tearing, peeling and other tests.

4. Automatic display: During the test, the test force, peak value and test status are displayed in real time.

5. Automatic control of plastic tensile testing machine: After the test parameters are input, the test process can be automatically completed.

6. Fracture judgment: After the sample is damaged, the moving beam will automatically return to the initial position.

7. Limit protection: With mechanical and program two-level limit protection functions.

Precautions for plastic tensile testing machine

1. Do not click the "Run" experiment button if the experiment is not started.

2. Do not "zero" the load value after clamping the sample.

3. Clamp the extensometer, pay attention to the zero adjustment after unplugging the positioning pin.when removing the extension timing, pay attention to inserting the positioning pin to avoid damage to the extensometer due to artificial overload.

4. After the sample of the plastic tensile testing machine is broken, if the program does not exit the experimental state and prompts that the experiment is complete, you must immediately click the abort button to exit the experimental state. 5. After the test, there is no need to return to the position automatically.

6. After finishing the experiment to exit the program, you should use WINDOWS to shut down the power before you can cut off the power; turn off the oil pump and let the oil cylinder fall to the bottom.

7. Be careful not to loosen the plug when the computer is moved.

Mechanical equipment is essentially the same. Only by mastering the correct methods for the coordinated operation of different components can the entire experimental process be smoother and the experimental data more accurate. The above is the functional description and precautions of the plastic tensile testing machine. Introduction, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.