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What is the the high and low temperature environment box?

The high and low temperature environment box of universal testing machine combined with high and low temperature material mechanics testing machine is used for high and low temperature tensile, compression, bending, shear, fatigue and other tests of rubber and plastic composite materials, providing high stable environmental temperature and ensuring reliable test results.

The main technical parameters of the test environment box :

Humidity range: 10%~95RH.

Temperature accuracy: ±1℃, soil 2℃.

Uniformity: ±2℃, ±3℃. 

Temperature control meter accuracy: 0.1 level, 0.2 level.

Low temperature refrigeration method: liquid nitrogen refrigeration, compressor refrigeration, dual compressor refrigeration; 2.7 high temperature heating method: high temperature heating element heating.

Temperature control method: using PlLc module + temperature module + FULE control software + LCD touch control screen.

Operation mode: constant operation, timing operation.

Temperature control mode: PID control, solid state relay output; 2.11 wind circulation mode: centrifugal fan, forced internal circulation of bad luck wind.

Test chamber space: 300mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 900mm can be customized.

Safety protection device: blower motor overload protection, leakage protection, fuse protection, instrument standby operation protection, etc.; 2.14 universal testing machine high and low temperature box can be used with Fule high and low temperature tensile testing machine / high and low temperature compression testing machine and FULE measurement and control system use.

Main features:

The FL high and low temperature test chamber has low operating vibration and good long-term operating stability.

There are many temperature range versions and a complete range, suitable for a variety of testing machine types.

It can be used with the high and low temperature deformation measuring device of optical video extensometer to test the elastic modulus of high and low temperature stress and strain of materials.

The large-area visible glass window is equipped with LED lighting to observe the operation of the test.