Electric Manipulator Arm Material Testing Machine China

Accuracy Class: Class 0.5
Accuracy Of Test Force: within ±0.5%
Tensile Space(mm):  700 (can be customized)
Compression Space(mm): 700 (can be customized)

Electric Manipulator Arm Material Testing Machine is mainly used for the tensile test of metal and non-metallic materials. The testing machine can continuously complete the automatic clamping of batch material samples and automatic test data according to the pre-set procedure without being on duty. Collection, data analysis and other functions, and can realize test data transmission with user management software.

The testing machine manipulator is an automatic operating device that can imitate certain motion functions of human hands and arms, and is used to grasp, transport objects or operate tools according to a fixed program.

Product Features

-Equipped with built-in controller, which can be ensured that the testing machine can realize constant velocity displacement control

-Adopt AC servo motor, stable and reliable

-The electrical control circuit refers to the international standard, conforms to the electrical standard of the national testing machine,and has strong anti-interference ability, which ensures the stability of the controller and the accuracy of the experimental data

-Limit protection:programmable and mechanical two level limit protection

-Overload protection: when the load exceeds 3-5% of the maximum value , it will stop automatically

-Automatic and manual two modes are used to obtain test results and form reports automatically, making data analysis process simple

Technical Specifications

Item WDW-10 WDW-20 WDW-50 WDW-100 WDW-200 WDW-300 WDW-600
Max Testing Force(KN) 10 20 50 100 200 300 600
Accuracy Class Class 1/ Class 0.5
Force Measurement Range Standard :2%~100%FS; Optional:0.4%~100%FS
Accuracy Of Test Force within ±0.5%
Speed Accuracy within ±0.5% set speed
Displacement Accuracy within ±0.5% 
Resolution Of Displacement 0.001mm
Deformation Measurement System Standard: Gauge length 50mm,Deformation range 10mm (can be customized)
Deformation Measurement Range 2%~100%FS
Deformation Measurement Accuracy Within ±0.5% 
Tensile Space(mm)  700 (can be customized)
Compression Space(mm) 700 (can be customized)
Test Width(mm) Standard:360mm,400mm,520mm(can be customized)
Beam Travel Distance 1200mm
Dimension Standard:350mm*670mm*1800mm
Weight 300kg~500kg
Power Supply AC 220V,50Hz(can be customized)
Accessories One set of tensile compression bending test clamp(can be customized)
Optional Various tensile compression bending test clamp can be configured according to user requirements.(can be customized)


ASTMA370, ASTME4, ASTME8, ASTME9, ISO6892, ISO7438, ISO7500-1, EN10002-4, GB/T228, GB16491, HGT3844, QB11130, GB13-22, HGT3849, GB6349, GB/T1040.2, ASTM C165, EN826, EN1606, EN1607, EN12430 etc.

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