Glass Bottle Impact Resistance Tester China Manufacturer

Diameter Range: φ20~165 mm
Position Height: 30~230mm
Impact Energy: 2.5J
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Brief Introduction 

Glass Bottle Impact Resistance Tester IRT-01 is used for impact test of various glass bottles such as beer bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, infusion bottles, glass containers, etc.

Impact resistance tester is passed when a contact point of a particular product like the edges of glasses comes in physical contact with the impact, and the process is carried out until the glass breaks. Hence, the test is performed on the sample until there is a visible break in the sample.

Technical Features

-The sample loading fixture of the instrument can freely move up and down and horizontally, which is convenient for users to adjust the position of the sample bottle during testing.

-The suspension and positioning of the pendulum of the instrument are precise and stable, and the pendulum can be rotated and released freely.

-Equipped with a stainless steel safety shield, and the design is extremely user-friendly

-A full set of stainless steel safety shields for easy cleaning


Test Principle

According to the principle of energy conversion, the pendulum impact energy to glass bottle  is determined by the potential energy of the pendulum. When the angle of the pendulum is a certain value, pendulum potential energy is a certain value, the impact of the pendulum on the glass bottle is a certain value.


Basic Application

Beer Bottles

Food Jars

Cosmetic Bottles and perfume bottles

Technical Specifications




Sample Diameter Range

φ20~165 mm

Bottle Position Height


Impact Energy




Instrument Dimension


Net Weight




GB/T 6552


Technical specifications are subject to change without further notice. Please visit our website at for latest information.

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